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5052 aluminum plate/6061 aluminum plate/7075 aluminum plate

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5052 aluminium plate used for aircraft fuel tanks, typhoon shutters, fridge liners and panels, and many others.The 5052 aluminum sheet plate has high resistance while positioned in situations which might be barely alkaline. It has better marine resistance than 5005 alloys, which is why it’s frequently used for marine packages. The corrosion resistance of 5052 alloys comes from the protective surface oxide film it has. This…


The use of Wi-Fi jammers by burglars is becoming a troubling new trend

The Morris County Police Department is warning residents about a new home invasion technique that involves jamming Wi-Fi signals, making it impossible for residents to call for help or access security cameras while thieves are inside the home.

Police say the technique was used by thieves in an unsuccessful burglary in Florham Park earlier this week.

According to a social media post by Florham Park Police Chief Joseph Orlando, authorities believe the suspect is part of a South American burglary ring that uses Wi-Fi jammers.

"While Wi-Fi jammers are nothing new to the criminal world, this is the first time we have seen or heard of them being used in Morris County," Orlando said. "The advancement in criminal technology used by these criminal gangs is alarming."

A resident of Lincoln Avenue in Florham Park was in his basement around 11:30 a.m. Monday when he heard a loud bang coming from the first floor, police said. He checked his home's security cameras and saw a man trying to gain entry to his home.

Soon after, the resident's camera system and cell phone lost service, indicating the suspect had used a Wi-Fi signal jammers to disable any Wi-Fi-enabled device, police said.

The suspect fled after realizing the resident was home, police said.

Still unable to use his cell phone to call for help because of the jammer, the resident ran out to the street to get help, police said. A pedestrian called 911.

Florham Park police arrived less than a minute later and searched for the suspect, authorities said. The Madison Police Department and Morris County Sheriff's Office also assisted in the search, but the man was not found.

Police said they suspected the man was part of a South American burglary ring that used Wi-Fi jammers, but they did not elaborate on any other connections between Monday's attempted burglary and the ring's previous crimes.

"These criminals are of South American descent and typically work in groups of three, park their getaway vehicles on adjacent streets, and utilize various pre-operative surveillance techniques to track their targets' patterns and behaviors to minimize the likelihood that they will commit thefts while residents are home," police said.

Police said gang members also used surveillance cameras (disguised as landscape plants to blend into the home's outdoor landscaping) to monitor movement in and out of homes before attempting to break in.

Police said the gang's surveillance cameras can be disguised in a variety of ways.

"They come in a variety of forms, including fake utility boxes, flower pots, tree stumps, rocks and boulders, and even those funny owls that move their heads, supposedly to repel critters," police said. "Basically, you know what's in your yard or front landscaping area and what doesn't belong to you."

Members of the South American burglary gang have committed burglaries across the country, including Baltimore, Los Angeles, Indiana and Florida. In April, the FBI warned of the presence of an international organized burglary ring in Indiana.

The FBI said the gangs typically target homes in affluent neighborhoods while residents are away and often steal high-end jewelry, accessories and cash. Officials said the gang members traveled to the United States to commit the thefts.

"While we are still investigating this incident, the only response strategy we can offer at this time is to install a surveillance camera system in your home and install a landline to combat Wi-Fi jammers," Florham Park police said. "In addition, regularly check your landscaping for any potential disguised surveillance devices and contact the police department immediately if you find such a device."

Officials are also asking Florham Park residents near Lincoln Avenue, Cathedral Avenue and Lockwood Road to check their surveillance systems between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday for signs of potential suspects or vehicles

Police said the suspect in Monday's suspected burglary attempt was a man wearing tan or beige pants, a dark shirt and a face mask.

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