There must be a list of the top ten hotel services!

Having dedicated nearly twenty years to working with personnel in the hotel and tourism industry, this professional has authored and released numerous articles, research projects, and analysis reports. He has also successfully advised and guided several medium-sized hotels and socialist enterprises in areas such as risk management, service quality improvement, and safety training. In addition, he has written two books on effective financial management and innovative approaches to managing hotel staff.

In addition to the two "hard indicators" of professional knowledge and ability and a smiling and friendly service attitude, whether a hotel waiter is rated as excellent, but also to see the embodiment of a variety of service skills in the following ten aspects; in other words, a good hotel waiter provides professional, smooth, personalized service, but he or she also pursues excellence in the following 10 aspects of service.

Service with passion

In customer service, enthusiasm is crucial, but true feelings are more valuable
hotel outcall massage. Enthusiasm is easy to show, but showing true feelings is more difficult.

The so-called sincere service, it requires each waiter to treat guests as if they were their own relatives, sincere, willing to serve him (her),outcall tantric massage, enthusiastic, with the heart, without pretense, without putting on airs, all essentially reflect the hospitality and service skills.

Whenever you need it

In the hotel's customer service, there are quantitative services dividing labor, service processes, service standards, and time limits. These are the basic connotations of good customer service. The value of the service will be greatly reduced if it is limited to the service system.

In the example of the guest asking the waiter who analyzed the services of catering companies, how to get to the hospital infirmary, the student lends a busy hand and casually points to casually handle the study on the matter, the guest will be on the students first good service social impression left with regret or even resentment, this is the service student at any time to provide service quality awareness of the performance of the ability to provide service quality awareness of the ability to provide service quality.

Thus, at any time (machine) service is also a kind of active service performance, is a standardized service program, there is no fixed service formula.

Services that add value

We have a social expectation for every guest who enters our hotel for consumption before, such as tasty, inexpensive meals; hygienic, comfortable, and safe living conditions; a full range of recreational activities, rich in cultural characteristics of the development; and so on.

These basic expectations must be met to ensure the store's initial completion and the guests' psychological integration and recognition of values. In the following period or on the second visit, we will be able to provide better products, more comprehensive services, more exciting service projects, and even remember the customer's name and preferences for the future.

Guests will feel more value for money, and over time, they will become loyal and fixed customers to the hotel.

The service was excellent

Calligraphy and painting said "subtle different places to see the spirit", hotel management services, no big deal, mostly through some of the students subtle trivial small things, small things to do well to achieve the enterprise to succeed, don't do well to do well may not succeed.

Hence, students at any establishment should complete a study program in order to provide excellent assistance, even in the most confined areas. At Guangdong Asia International Hotel, when room attendants are asked by foreign visitors for directions to a specific place, they not only indicate the way and road, but also present a city map with comprehensive information such as its whereabouts, public transportation options, distance, and potential confusion due to similar names of buildings. This meticulous and accurate service is highly appreciated by guests.

Service at a distance

Hotel service should not only be enthusiastic, but also moderate, to be able to grasp the service and distance, to adhere to a certain distance, neither too close nor too far from the service point.

An instance of this can be seen at a western restaurant, where two couples enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner. With two waiters positioned on either side of the "magnificent" table, they attended to the couples' needs by replenishing their water and changing plates. However, their overzealousness caused the couples to become disinterested. Additionally, there was a bathroom attendant whose overly eager demeanor made the guests feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to handle the situation. As they say, distance can enhance beauty so it is important for servers to maintain an appropriate level of proximity with their customers. Ultimately, the quality of service provided by a waiter serves as a determining factor in assessing their mastery and competence in their role.

Service that is invisible

It is important to provide not only tangible services, but also invisible or intangible services as part of the service process. As a result, for certain specific services, invisible services are more suitable than tangible services, as they meet and meet the potential needs of the guests, better reflect the privacy of the guests, and enhance the hotel's quality.

As an illustration, by utilizing the bathrooms and services mentioned previously, various guests can take advantage of the chance to prepare for dinner while also opening up their evening bed. This results in a much better experience compared to those who only use the night bed's amenities. As a result, gifting students with a product accompanied by rose petals on their bed creates an even more memorable and romantic atmosphere than simply sending a large bouquet of flowers in person. The subtle yet warm gesture adds an unforgettable touch.

Service that is considerate

Despite the distance, the interval, the frequency, the standard, there is a point that cannot be changed due to the form and content of the service, that is, intimate service.

All guests, regardless of their age, gender, and ethnicity, desire and expect attentive service from hotel attendants, especially spiritual harmony and comfort to solve the anxiety of leaving home.

The waiter of Guangdong Asia International Hotel found a young female guest depressed. In accordance with the normal service procedure, the waiter wouldn't ask any questions, but while chatting and making friends,... In the end, she bought sleeping pills and planned to die in the hotel when she realized that she had fallen out of love... !... In exchange for a heart of gold, admirable!

Refusing service politely

A hotel that is reputed in the world cannot fulfill the needs of its guests in an infinite way, but rather is limited in doing so. A good waiter will politely refuse service needs that cannot be met or are of unreasonable importance rather than simply telling them bluntly: "I can't do it", "The hotel does not offer this service", "I am unable to provide it".

As an example, I have personally observed a situation where a foreign guest requested the assistance of a floor waitress in locating a Miss World. Despite feeling embarrassed, the waiter did not simply reply with a blunt "No". Instead, they politely stated, "Sir, I apologize. In China's development, it is not permitted to provide such services that are considered both illegal and immoral. Please respect yourself." This rational approach to refusal prevented any resentment from arising in the foreign guest towards the waiter for being unable to fulfill their request. On the contrary, the guest praised the waiter for upholding their country's values and displaying noble moral sentiments. This illustrates that the ability to refuse service is an essential skill for exceptional waiters to possess and practice.

Service provided remotely

The hotel does not only provide real-time service, face-to-face service, but in today's information age, the hotel also has the obligation and content of remote service.

Although guests cannot meet, or even exchange asymmetric information, but through Internet booking, remote telephone booking, fax booking, third-party booking, etc., the hotel's quality and brand are also affected by its speed and quality of service.

In this way, excellent waiters are not only able to provide excellent service face-to-face, but they can also utilize the advanced marketing network to provide excellent remote service in a timely manner, resulting in unlimited business opportunities and earning the hotel the praise of its guests in the process.

Service staggered

In spite of the clear division of labor, each in their own way, sometimes cross-service cannot be avoided, because a guest's immediate consumption intentions may occur in a hotel at a given time, a certain place, or at a certain occasion, resulting in service mismatch. If the hotel does not have adaptability or expertise, service promotion may be frazzled and exhausted, resulting in missed revenue opportunities.

To illustrate, the hotel staff noticed that some of their guests were interested in dining at a table set up in the student apartments. As a spontaneous request, they asked us to provide restaurant dishes and apartment waiter service. Despite lacking "professional knowledge," the apartment waiters showcased their skills and experience in the food industry. This allowed them to carefully guide and develop their service abilities through various competition activities and daily tasks. Though they may seem young and inexperienced, they exceeded the guests' expectations by meeting their desires with great attention and dedication.

In other words, a great waiter is an expert who is also multi-talented. Of course, misplaced service should never be used as an example.

Those who are able to understand the essentials and explain the movements are good waiters. Service is distinctive and single-minded; the wide range is in the flexibility.

The following points should not be overlooked if you are staying at...

When staying in a hotel, what should we do?

When booking a hotel, what should I keep in mind?

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