There’s also a Cartographer’s Sextant

There’s also a Cartographer’s Sextant, which you can use to apply specific mods to a chart on your Atlas. As soon as applied, a red-colored circle will appear on your Atlas, and it will inform you exactly what mods tend to be applied to the roadmaps in the circle. It might be great, it might be terrible. Either way, the mods will remain on the chosen maps for five visits. Previously, there were 70 maps in the game. In Atlas associated with Worlds, there are thirty more, and the previous maps are being upgraded. Chris described the existing map tiers like a pyramid shape, having a lot of lower-tier roadmaps, but less mid-tier instances. As you can notice on the Atlas, nowadays there are less low-level roadmaps and more challenging runs into. And I haven’t even talked about the chart design. It is incredible. It’s amazing. Let’s face it, Wraeclast is a little gloomy. The new maps, however , tend to be vibrant, dream-like, colorful, vivid, and just fantastic. I saw an oasis with lush lawn and pools associated with water. I saw red-colored rock mesa (a favorite of Chris) with bright rugged cliffs. I saw private pools of lava, oceans, and a ton associated with variety.

Chris pointed out that these new roadmaps were the design team’s first dive into height changes. Through that, I mean you could be high on a rampart fighting enemies and find out other creatures as well as paths down below. Eventually, you’ll be able to descend from the high walls and explore the area you were previously viewing from above. He also mentioned the new juxtaposition between indoor as well as outdoor areas. A new random generator will combine these two areas in the map worlds, cheap poe items mixing the order of city structures with the organic nature of cliffs as well as ravines. Very cool. nineteen, to be exact. I was introduced to Sumter the Twisted, the boss of fire and ice that presents a lot of unique difficulties - mainly that fighting him is similar to fighting two individual bosses at once. (Also, his name is Sumter - such as summer and winter. Grinding Gear Video games is funny. )

As you advance via all these map runs into, battling boss right after boss, you’ll ultimately end up in the solitary golden compass increased in the middle of the Atlas. There’s someone there - the control of maps themself. Yes, the Shaper is the figure highlighted in the above video game trailer. We don’t know too much about him - just that he’s very powerful, he hates real life, and he has a weird beard. He’s concealing out in the void, and you’re visiting get him. The Shaper has 4 guardians protecting their hideout, and you’ll need to defeat each one of these. Each guardian encounter is basically a rate 16 map, as well as completing the chart will give you a key. The four guardian keys can be combined to access the Shaper. It’s worth mentioning that these keys can be exchanged

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