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At Morgan Inspection Services, we have the capability to use infrared cameras on our inspections. With an infrared camera, also called thermal imaging, we can often see details that the naked eye cannot see. Infrared cameras show differences in surface temperatures, and this can allow the inspector to see overheating wiring, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and other things that cannot be seen otherwise. Infrared cameras cannot see through walls or anything else for that matter – they do not give us X-ray vision. However, very often a water leak or an electrical issue inside a wall or ceiling will create temperature differences on the outside of the wall or ceiling that our infrared cameras can then detect. Sometimes, these are serious issues that would not be discovered without the use of a thermal camera – at least not until the damage gets worse and more costly to repair, and finally becomes visible inside the home. We Provide Best Thermal Imaging Inspection in Wylie TX.

In both of the cases shown to the right, none of these issues would have been identified during the course of normal home inspection without the use of thermal imaging. While thermal imaging is not a guarantee that all such issues will be discovered, it will give your inspector a much greater chance of identifying such issues during your home inspection. All of our inspections include thermal imaging.

Morgan Inspection Services has been conducting Thermal Imaging Inspection in Wylie TX, San Angelo TX, Coleman TX, Brady TX, Comanche TX, San Saba TX, and Cross Plains TX since 2002. Please call us today to schedule your thermal imaging inspection.

In some cases, we have found some very serious problems with the home that were either serious safety issues or a major problem with the home that would have required thousands of dollars to repair, such as a structural, roof, or electrical problem. In these cases, our clients were able to walk away from the deal rather than buying a money pit.

A pre-listing home inspection is performed for the potential home seller in order to identify potential issues with the home before they become an issue with a prospective buyer.

A professional home inspection can be a valuable tool for the home seller. A seller’s inspection or pre-listing inspection will reveal problems that a future potential buyer’s home inspector will find. If it is a mostly problem-free home inspection, a clear report can help a prospective purchaser feel even more confident about the quality of the home. On the other hand, if problems are revealed during the inspection, the report can allow the seller to repair them before they become an issue when a prospective purchaser’s inspector discovers them.

*As you consider whether or not to do this, please be aware that the inspection report will become part of your seller’s disclosure since any inspection that is performed on a home in the previous four years must be included in the disclosure documentation.*

Morgan Inspection Services has been conducting pre-listing home inspections in Abilene TX, San Angelo TX, Coleman TX, Brady TX, Comanche TX, San Saba TX, and Cross Plains TX since 2002. Please call us today to schedule your pre-listing home inspection.

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