Regarding two days later, I got a DM from John saying, “We should talk. I am John Smedley, Leader of SOE, ” and I didn’t rest for about two days. So then he just phoned me and we spoken and he said he’d love to license my idea to put in to H1Z1, which blew me away since it could have been so easy for them to do their own edition and not even contact me. I’m eternally grateful to them for that. You know, I’m nevertheless to this day wondering that. I’m thankful they didn’t. I think they would like to do the right thing. I think if they gone ahead and just do their own Battle Royale-you know,

they could did it, but really I think they just liked what I do. That’s what John told me, he really liked what I have done. I worked on Battle Royale essentially for no pay money for about a year . 5. Cheap H1z1 skins Because of the way Bohemia works with their mods you’re not allowed to earn money, and I do not really like pushing for donations all that a lot. So I’ve been doing this for a year and a half as a project of passion because I really believe what I am doing could be something great. So I think they just wanted to do the right thing and after meeting the team here, they may just such a good group of guys. For me personally,

why I very first set it up was games like and any of the other twitch photographers really rely on a person having a very quick induce finger, and it is down to pixel ideal accuracy. The older you get, the much less you’re able to do this. And as well with games like CS: GO, the map has been around for 15 years. Dust for example , it is a small map, same with Call of Duty, same along with Battlefield. They’re relatively small maps which doesn’t really problem me as a player. So I really wanted to create something that was completely random each time, that tested your own abilities as a proper PvP player. I think that’s something that everyone wants to do, you know? CS: GO has quite a steep entry curve, whereas Battle Royale

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