Things parents must know related to fencing

Fencing is not a well-known sport. The truth is that more and more people practice it every day. For many parents, it is certainly not one of the options that they consider for their children as an extracurricular activity. Still, fencing is a complete sport that works the whole body and is not dangerous if the necessary precautions are taken. Fencing can be learn through Fencing School.

Fencing is a skill activity. Ability to puncture your opponent and skill and intelligence to anticipate their movements and avoid them. A close combat sport in which a weapon is used, and the talent to be developed is precisely there, in knowing how to handle the saber, rapier or sword with the best possible skill. Kids fencing club provides all strategies to win the game.

Its practice contributes to the training process of the boy or girl who practices it since it develops both their physical and emotional state, considerably improving their performance in studies and their relationship with others.

When to start fencing?

Before, it was considered that this discipline was not suitable for children under ten years of age, but more and more sports centres have lowered the age to five years. And just as the age descends, the rules and weapons used also vary. The little ones train with a special weapon, smaller, proportionate for their size and lighter in weight, and the length of the track is less than 10 meters.

Benefits of fencing for children

By choosing Fencing Classes as a discipline for your children to practice, you are choosing a sport that is complete on a physical level and that teaches fundamental values to the little ones, in addition to helping in the development of their personality:

  • Develops the intellect.
  • Teaches to control emotions and impulses.
  • Teaches respect for the opponent in the game and others outside of it.
  • Promotes education development towards the teacher and his classmates, a value that can later be manifested in his daily life.
  • Enhances speed, balance and coordination.
  • It speeds up the child's reflexes and ability to react.
  • Develops endurance capacity.
  • Creates a desire to excel in the child by wanting to be better and better and learn to assume defeats.

How is fencing practised?

It is necessary to be equipped with everything needed to avoid unwanted accidents: - The jacket must comply with all the required safety measures: it must be buttoned and with the collar raised to avoid leaving the child's neck unprotected. And her pants also have to be in perfect condition.

  • The mask must not have even the slightest sign of deterioration: it must not have holes, the back part must cover the nape of the neck, and the child must check that it is his size and that it will not fall off when he begins to move.
  • Currently, there are three types of weapons that can be used to practice fencing: rapier, saber and sword. 

For taking benefits, you can join Fencing Classes near Me.

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