This kind of sink with 4 built-in functions is popular abroad now

As anyone who cooks regularly knows, the sink is often to blame for a bad cooking experience. After all, both doing dishes and cleaning vegetables depend on the sink. So it’s necessary to learn some tips before installation or else the worst day is yet to come.

All kinds of sinks which are popular abroad have 4 built-in functions. Ordinary sinks are left far behind!

Function 1: Self-contained drainage rack
As we all know, the biggest advantage of a Japan-made sink is that its front part protrudes as a drainage rack. Likewise, a small zone is designed in the top left corner of this kind of sink for holding sponges and various detergents. Besides, a separate water outlet is designed at the bottom and thus there’s no need to worry about drainage.

Function 2: Drainage tank
It happens quite often that we splash water everywhere when cleaning vegetables or doing dishes. Even worse, it’s easy to go moldy if the kitchen is poorly ventilated. Whereas, this kind of sink comes with several drainage outlets that can well drain the accumulated water on the counter into the water tank and let the water flow away. Note that the drainage tank is best inclined to the water tank.

Function 3: Dishwashing and vegetable-cleaning zone
The right bowl of the sink is relatively bigger special for doing dishes and cleaning vegetables.

Function 4: Fruit-cleaning zone
The left bowl of the sink is mainly for daily fruit cleaning. It’s more hygienic with such a zone-partition design.

Some people complained that double-bowl sinks are not good for use. In fact, there will be no reason for complaint only if the sink’s size is proper with a total length of over 75cm and the lager bowl’s length over 40cm, thus refrain you from worries that the sink is not big enough even for a pan.

What should be noticed when installing those sinks?

①Be sure the filter in the drainage outlet of the sink works well. Three drainage outlets share one drainpipe, which will be easily blocked if the daily maintenance is not done timely; ②Swiveling faucets and pull-out faucets are recommended since they will ensure the faucet is available normally for each sink and make it more convenient for cleaning.

Sinks with 4 built-in functions also have two defects. On one hand, they are more difficult to clean. Compared with those larger single-bowel sinks, it’s easy to have some sanitary dead ends for this kind of sink since it’s divided into four zones. On the other hand, this kind of fully functional sink takes up larger space. So don’t try use it easily if your counter top is not spacious enough!


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