This skill is called laser vein deposition method

By the chemical reactions of metal elements and air gas in the candle, the candle that reached the substrate may evaporate due to the high temperature of the substrate, or the subsequent candles bombarded sputtering.Unlike the traditional vacuum evaporation forging film, the laser can increase the temperature of the radius area to several degrees, so that the irradiation zone will burn from simple heating to the form of plasma.

The above information is organized by the editor to learn more about the wound membrane, the machine is used to use the wound film, please visit the PE wound film information . The candle is ejected along the normal direction of the surface layer and collided with elastic or reactive collisions with the atom or molecule in the reaction room air.

Other winding membrane growth methods are different. Molecular bundle extension (MBE) is performed under vacuum (UHV), which guarantees that the molecular beam has a large average freedom range and can be projected to the substrate surface according to the design path. Molecular bouquet extension molecular beam extension method is a method that is used to grow in a vacuum system with molecular beams in a vacuum system.

This method brings many benefits: First, the analyzer that requires China OEM colorful packaging tape high vacuum conditions can be integrated into the extension growth system, which provides conditions for the research and extension growth mechanism of the extension growth under the established conditions; It can adjust its growth rate, so as to accurately control the thickness of the external delay layer.

This skill is called laser vein deposition method. The growth surface or interface can achieve the smoothness of the atomic class, so the entangled film can be prepared. Second, laser pulse deposition method With the appearance of pulse laser, laser has been used as an evaporation heat source and has achieved success

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