Three massive Difference between GIA and IGI

When people fall into confusion, this is not good to face. Similarly, I found a lot of people who fall into the chaos between GIA VS IGA Maybe I can fall into this type of confusion if I don’t have any idea about this. Since I have talked and researched a lot about this thing, I know the main case and how to pick the desired gems. As long I feel this is getting important to share all the difference to people, I am jumping to make this article. In this session, you will know what the main is distinguishes between those two certification systems.

Source from collect

Usually, there are two sources of diamond. One is nature which is known as the natural diamond. The rest of the things are Lab grown diamonds. The GIA diamond can be natural or lab-grown. This is not specific about the source in GIA. But for the IGI, this is specific. All the diamonds of the IGI are clear. Those are collected from natural origin.

Color and purity

For buying the diamond, both of the color and purity is the most important thing. Since the GIA accepts the lab grown diamond, then this is possible to control the 100% accuracy of the color and the purity. And this is the reason in the market this is too much demandable. On the other hand, IGI diamonds have been collected from nature. This is the reason control the accuracy is not that easy.

Gems Price range

This is the main difference between the two types of stones. The GIA stones are 15% expensive than the standard other types of diamond. Because there is a lot of parameters are counted in this certification system. On the other hand, the IGI diamond is not that expensive. Instead, this is within the reasonable limit. People can buy this in the budget range.

If people cannot find out the best gems, then I think this is better to find the certification. Because of those certifications, all of them are trusted, and they mention what type of gems it is. Therefore, you never need to get a tester to test the stone. If you read all the articles long, now you will be able to get the best thing in your budget. You have to choose the color and the shape. The rest of the help of the purity you will have from the certification. I hope you will be going to have the best thing soon. Stay safe and take care.

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