Plagiarism is a grave offence. It can cause assignments to get a poor score or rejection, which means you will have to redo the whole task. As a result, all the energy you put into researching and writing the project and time would have been for nothing.

Besides, most universities use modern plagiarism checkers to check any submitted content and only if it is 100% unique do they accept it. Specific marks are even allotted to students who hand original papers and if you are caught plagiarizing you might be dismissed from that course. It also affects your credibility as a scholar and can even cast a dark show across your entire studies.

If you are accused of plagiarism, people will often regard your work with suspicion. Other consequences of plagiarisms include:

Destroys a student’s reputation.
You might end up facing legal or monetary repercussions.
Grade penalties.
You might end up facing disciplinary actions.
Create problems for your future career.
In some cases, plagiarism is deliberate, but it can also be unintentional whichever the case here are the top ways to avoid plagiarism.

Where to Find Sources

Just because a website has information related to the topic you are writing about doesn’t mean it’s credible. So pay attention to where you find information. Scholarly database, a government website, class notes, books written by a trustworthy author, journals, news articles or website and school library are some of the places to find credible sources and start your research.

When considering a reference, make sure it’s relevant and does not contain outdated information. Material that has published within the last ten years and from a well-known author is considered credible.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Researching before writing allows you to know the topic more in-depth, and you might get a better writing angle. Most importantly, conducting extensive research helps you find credible sources to support your argument and give credibility to what you are saying.

Track all Sources

When using a direct quote or an idea from another author even if you are paraphrasing the information, you must cite it properly. Hence during research, note the full details of the source you plan to use to support your main points. Include crucial details like page number, name of author and year of publication. Many students do not have time to do their work with high quality, so they apply for this essay writer.

Use The Required Citation Style

While there are numerous citation styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, IEEE, Chicago, Turabian and many others; the formatting to use depends on a professor’s preference and course.

For instance, while business courses prefer APA and Chicago, sociology uses ASA while medicine courses use AMA.

Adding in-text citation properly and including a reference list on the last page of the essay is a great way to prevent strategy.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

Even if you are sure your paper is original, it does not hurt to confirm its uniqueness. Use a reliable site that won’t store the content of the essay. A good plagiarism checker will identify any similarities between your essay and content that has already been published. It will also give you the confidence to know that the work you are submitting to a professor is 100% unique.

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