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Top 12 Software Development Trends for 2021

Software development is continually developing and will continue to do so. Technological and social needs are driving many of the changes we'll see. For example, the need for a secure way to execute contracts is pushing blockchain to the next level, while new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are forcing the industry to pay more attention to "ethical AI."

Many companies embrace digital acceleration, and advances in software development by companies like BairesDev are helping them design new ways to move their businesses forward for the benefit of their customers, society, and themselves. What the scene will look like in 2021 precisely. While we don't have a crystal ball to tell you exactly what the landscape will look like in 2021, we believe the following predictions base on current trends.

| #1 Focus on the Cloud

The need for cloud services that can be scaled up or down as needed for 2020 shows that while some sectors performed well during the COVID-19 pandemic, others, such as tourism, saw a sharp drop in demand. Companies with a cloud platform did not have to pay for data center services they did not need. As a result, by 2021, more and more businesses could be moving their operations to the cloud.

| #2 Growing use of blockchain

Blockchain technology is known for its role in cryptocurrencies, but it also has other applications to prevent fraud in sensitive transactions. 2021 could see an increase in some of its capabilities, such as its use in innovative contract platforms. The following video explains what smart contracts are and how they will use them.

| #3 The evolution of artificial intelligence

AI expects to become widespread by 2021, and companies with the ability to use AI are likely to succeed. Particular attention pay to natural language processing (NLP), which allows computers to write text and software. There will likewise be a growing focus on ethical AI - where software engineers program machines to 'do the right thing' - as computers take on more human-like functions.

| #4 Increased low-code/no-code development

The need for software engineers is outstripping their numbers, and low-code/no-code (LCNC) programming is becoming a necessity for companies that want to deploy new initiatives quickly. This software type allows people with no development background to create databases and other applications that support agile operations. This capability is becoming increasingly common and will increase further in 2021 and beyond.

| #5 The rise of Python and JavaScript

The popularity of programming languages that are easy to learn and use is growing, which is why Python and JavaScript expect to remain in high demand in 2021. Python is widely used in various fields, including data science, while the more common JavaScript is the most popular language, especially among novice developers.

| #6 Progress in the use of modern languages

Modern development languages are also able to meet the demands of today's software engineers: languages such as Rust, Go, and Kotlin are becoming increasingly popular thanks to features such as type inference, null safety, expressiveness, and conciseness. In particular, some experts predict that Rust will have a long life in 2021. Both Microsoft and Amazon have recently announced significant investments in Rust.

| #7 Rise of Native App Development

With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important. To develop apps with maximum flexibility and best performance, software development teams in companies that can afford it are opting for native app development, which means building two or more different versions of an application for each central mobile operating system.

| #8 The emergence of progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) mirror the advantages of websites and mobile apps, providing a unified experience for users without requiring companies to develop separate mobile apps for specific operating systems. In 2021, we will notice an expansion in the use of PWAs as they offer cost savings and greater customer engagement.

| #9 Expanding the Internet of Things

IoT is expanding rapidly. Billions of connected devices across many industries, including healthcare, agriculture, shipping, and manufacturing, contribute to a host of modern conveniences. Each of these devices requires software to function, and increasingly, software engineers are needed to create the software and contribute the necessary security to ensure that each device does not become a point of entry for hackers.

| #10 Edge computing escalation

The edge computing underpinning the Internet of Things is happening closer to where the data generates; for example, a utility company could use edge devices to collect information from devices, process it nearby, and send only relevant information back to headquarters. Software engineer's tasks ensure that these devices take advantage of their computing speed and processing efficiency, but they also need to consider specific security considerations.

| #11 Importance of UX

Software development is not just about functionality but also usability. Software development is about functionality and usability, which means that regardless of the application's size or complexity, users must quickly understand how to use the application. User experience (UX) has become a key business driver in recent years and continues to influence the design of business products and services. As a result, engineers will increasingly expect to focus on this area from 2021 onwards.

| #12 CI and CD are increasingly used

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are both parts of software development, with CI ensuring that code changes made by large numbers of engineers integrate into the software project.
CD was ensuring made configuration feature changes and bug fixes quickly and sustainably. These two processes will enable development organizations to complete projects faster, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, all of which will be critical in 2021.

2021 will be a big year for software development.

As you can view, 2021 will remain a big year of change for top software development companies in India which is particularly true as more numerous and more businesses achieve digital acceleration and rethink how they use technology to achieve their financial, social, and customer-centric goals.

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