Top 5 Wood Stain Types Used In Cabinet Fronts

Wood stains are quite effective. They can make new wood appear aged. Or inexpensive wood that looks expensive.

But not all stains are equal.

 It might be challenging to choose which stain type and application technique are appropriate for your project and level of expertise because there are so many available.

We'll discuss the most typical sorts of stains in this blog post, along with each one's benefits and drawbacks. Now let's talk.

Let's start by defining a stain.

 A stain is a type of finish used on wood to bring out its color, texture, and appearance. The binder binds the pigment to the wood, and the solvent liquifies the binder and retains the pigment so you may distribute it easily. The pigment is a finely ground colored powder.

To change the color, tone, or shade, it can be wiped on or sprayed onto the Cabinets Fronts.

Most Frequently Used Cabinet Wood Stains

  1. Oil-based Stain

 Without a doubt, the most common stain on the market is oil. Most often, when people think of wood stains, they think of oil stains. They are very accessible and simple to use. Linseed oil is the common binder used in oil stains. The natural and non-toxic oil linseed is what makes this stain simple to deal with. You have plenty of time to remove excess, wipe up spills, and correct irregularities before it dries because it takes around 1-2 hours to dry. Oil stains are a fantastic option since they even finish the wood and fully enter it. Furthermore, although drying takes some time—a luxury we woodworkers don't have much of—it does make faults 10 times simpler to rectify.

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  1. Varnish stains

In place of oil, varnish serves as the binder in varnish stains. The stain dries stiffly as a result. To obtain an even coat, you don't need to wipe any excess off. The best part about varnish stains is that a final coat is not required. The concluding coat is the stain. Varnish stains work well as a topcoat on surfaces that have previously been stained and completed, as well as on smaller tasks.

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  1. Water-based stains

 Water replaces the solvent in water-based stains, which employ a water-based finish as their binder. They are less polluting and favorable to the environment. The main benefit of water-based stains is that all you need to clear them up is water. Additionally, because these stains are quite natural, they are also the least prone to bother your skin or eyes.  Water-based stains' quick drying time is another drawback. Fast is what we mean when we say it. You need to wash away any excess promptly or else your stain can end up splotchy.

  1. Gel stains

 Gel stains, sometimes known as glazing, are an extremely thick, nearly jelly-like pigment and are oil-based (or occasionally varnish-based). Gel stains produce superb results with fewer stages, making them ideal for woods like cherry and maple that are prone to blotches. Fewer stages are also preferred when it comes to staining. Additionally, because of its thickness, it won't leak or drip as other stains do, giving you total control.


No matter whatever stain you choose, our best recommendation is to always test a sample on the wood you want to use. Sampling is the greatest technique to figure out how to obtain the desired appearance when staining and finishing in general because these processes involve a lot of trial and error. And remember to always read the stain manufacturer's suggested staining processes and dry time. Depending on the kind and kind of stain, they always change. Find the best Cabinet Doors for Sale at affordable prices at

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