Top Things to consider while purchasing Utility kilts for men

Utility kilts are becoming very fashionable amongst men of all ages, from all walks of life and countries, not just Scotland, Ireland and some of the other Celtic Nations. This is largely because they are so comfortable and non-restrictive.
Some of the top things you should consider while purchasing a man’s utility kilt:
How to determine the correct Utility Kilt Size?
When trying to determine the correct utility kilt size it is important to understand that there are several styles of modern utility kilt. The traditional style is worn from the belly rather than the hips, so a person’s normal jean or pants size is not used, if you do, it will usually prove to be far too small for the kilt of the average man.
A measurement should be taken at the belly button or navel while the man is standing in their normal position, as this is where a traditional kilt will sit.
Always measure across the belly button and around the back to find the correct measurement, make sure the tape measure is firm, but not too tight to get the correct size. It should be noted that kilts are fully adjustable so this measurement is a guide, but many men’s waists at the belly button are wider than at the hips where jeans are normally worn. But this depends on a man’s figure if you’re the athletic type regular or a couch potato
When measuring for the seat measurement, this should be done around the widest area of the hips and buttock, gluteus maximus or bum.
A traditional military style utility kilt or the 8 yard kilt (because it uses 8 yards of cloth), should be worn sitting above the hips and as firm a fit as possible.
The modern utility kilt is made to be worn just off the hip and should extend down to just above the knee, the standard length is 22 5 inches which fits most men. To get a general length for a utility kilt it should be about 1/3 of the wearer’s height, so a six foot man would look for a two foot length or about 24 inches
This measurement can be taken from the top of the hip bone to the top of the knee cap
The front apron of a utility kilt should fall straight and not crumble or twist while wearing the kilt. Usually, the pleats on a kilt are two inches wide at the top and three inches wide at the bottom.
Most utility kilts come with at least two large cargo pockets and several smaller as well as adjustable straps with buckles knonw as a sporran which can accommodate pouches, hooks and chains to hold or attach items.
Traditional Kilts were made of woven wool or leather and should be dry-cleaned, but modern utility kilts are made of a variety of textiles some of which are hand or machine washable.

utility kilt for men is perfectly suitable for wearing is summer season parties and casual daily usage also. Attractive hardware materials provide long-lasting durability to the kilts for Men. Our hybrid utility kilt comes in black with stylish pleats, each accented by an outline of thin colour thread. The standard drop length of this kilt is 24 inches which gives a modest, everyday look.

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