Top tips to make your TV experience more immersive

It’s a human tendency to always appreciate a better version of everything. Once we have experienced more or the finest, we never settle for less. Similar is the case with our TV viewing experience. We have all wished for a theater-like experience on our TV some or the other day. Our need for better audio and video clarity has always captivated our minds. The better the view, the greater the experience. Our enjoyment increases with the quality of the vision.

You can now enjoy a personalized theater like experience by getting a brand-new d2h set-top box. What if you could access theatre quality at a cost-efficient price at your home?

We are here to make it possible for you with the best dth HD connection instantly. You are now a step closer to your personal HD experience. You can buy dth connection with d2h @Rs.1100 only. d2h endeavors to make the best quality reach to you non-negotiable.

Tips to ensure HD quality:

1)Box and cable connection quality – Make sure to check your connection in case of any flaws.

2)Adjusting display specifications- Setting the optimum brightness and contrast for your eyes is important while adjusting the display specifications.

3)Sound system installation- Setting up quality speakers helps you to improve the overall experience.

4) Calibration tool setup – It is a feature on your disc that you can purchase along with other OTT subscriptions. It is a free tune-up app, and the wizard can tune the audio and video settings on your TV to give you ultimate HD quality. Aspect navigation options include speaker alignment, phase, colour, brightness, and aspect ratio.

5)Ideal screen-to-body ratio- The ideal screen-to-body balance is something to always keep in mind because it affects how well a display will look to us. The best screen for you will depend on how far you are from the viewing area.


In this age of visuals and displays that we are living, having top-notch products and services is what the present generation strives for. With increasing views and viewers, it is a constant competition to offer hassle-free services to everyone, so their entertainment never stops. So, get your d2h connection, and let the real entertainment begin.

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