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Low-cost Web-site web hosting and its drawbacks

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Cheap Web-site internet hosting and its down sides

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Torrent Watch Rambo: Last Blood

Liked It: 65006 vote

user rating: 7 / 10

genres: Adventure, Thriller

Creator: Sylvester Stallone

movie Info: After the blood-soaked ballet of bullets in Rambo (2008), the last survivor of an elite unit of Green Berets, John Rambo, finds himself unable to keep the terrors of this world at bay, still trying to keep the lid on his simmering emotions. Secluded in his deceased father's horse ranch in Arizona, John--along with his teen niece, Gabrielle, and her grandmother, Maria--leads a serene life, until an urgent invitation drags the gullible seventeen-year-old girl to the squalid slums of Mexico, in search of a ghost. Now, even though he tried so hard to renounce his former violent self, once more, John is on the warpath, many painful decades after the bitter guerrilla warfare in First Blood (1982). Nearly all his life, John has been fighting a seemingly interminable war, seeking a place he could call home. But, what's the good of pursuing a beautiful dream when everyone you love has gone?

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Rambo: Last bloody.
The Rambo franchise hasn't been known for its subtleties and that was proven when Sylvestre Stallone returned to the role back in 2008. The amount of violence throughout that film gave action junkies everything they were asking for. It also took the outrageously bloody aspect of the franchise to another level as well. Wrapped up in a nice bow by the time the credits rolled, 2008s Rambo seemed to be the finale. Well, apparently not, as Rambo: Last Blood is now in theatres. Sadly, this franchise definitely should have ended with the previous instalment. Here's why I believe this movie simply doesn't work.
Now retired and taking care of a ranch out in the county, John Rambo has evolved into a (seemingly) much calmer man. After his niece makes a poor decision to find out the truth of who her real father has become out in Mexico, all hell breaks loose as John finds himself on the hunt to save his family. Without ruining anything, one thing leads to another and he eventually needs to use his home as a giant war zone/booby-trap to fend off his enemies. In theory, this premise is a great set-up for an action film that simply wants to focus on the action itself, but it really doesn't feel anything like a Rambo movie.
Being a war veteran and fending off his enemies throughout the course of his entire life, John Rambo is a character with a lot of complexities. For this reason alone, many of the Rambo films have been able to tell interesting stories, even if the execution wasn't always there. This time around, he has become a family man and an emotional tie is what gets him back in the game. The finale of this movie is the only remotely entertaining aspect, but the set-up for it just felt like an excuse for a revenge movie, which is never truly what the Rambo films have been.
Stallone is committed to this character as always and Yvette Monreal as his niece is actually quite good, but their dynamic just felt like it belonged in another movie. With the addition of some very cheesy dialogue at times and the fact that John Rambo is the only one who feels like a real, fleshed-out character, I found myself not really caring about what happened to anyone here. That said, audiences who watch Rambo movies are usually there for the action anyways, and if you're a fan of gory violence that's done well, then the final 20 minutes may be enough for you.
In the end, Rambo: Last Blood is a mixture of elements from movies like Taken and Home Alone, with an elderly war hero at the forefront and the violence cranked up to a thousand. There are moments of enjoyment and even a few times where I was having a little fun, but it really is an emotional movie that doesn't feel earned. It asks you to care about characters that haven't been around for much of the franchise and I just couldn't buy it. For die-hard fans of the franchise, maybe check it out once it's available to rent or buy at home, but I really don't think it's worth your time.

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