Towing a Frames - For One Man Vehicle Recovery

Towing A Frames are devices used to tow a second vehicle behind another vehicle without the need of a second driver. These are used mainly by vehicle recovery services, mechanics, car dealers, motor home owners who want to tow a small car behind there motor home and by anyone who finds the need to tow a second vehicle without having to have a second person along to steer the towed car.

They are generally made of steel although some made from aluminum are also available. One end of the towing a frame attaches to the tow bar of the towing vehicle and the two legs of the frame are attached to the front suspension arms of the towed vehicle. The steering is car towing unlocked and the front wheels will follow the direction of the towing vehicle as it is towed in a forward direction. The castor angle built into the geometry of the cars suspension aids in this self-steering effect. Reversing should never be done to avoid jack-knifing. The a frames are generally adjustable in width to enable them to be fitted to different cars, and the width can be locked in place by a cross member on the a frame that has multiple holes to allow various positions to be selected.

When setting off, it is important to be in a straight line as forward motion is necessary before turning to ensure the tyres do not scrub. When towing a second vehicle car must obviously be taken for safety reasons, and the driver must remember that he is towing a second car. It is especially important to be careful in wet conditions. A lighting board should also be fitted to the back of the towed vehicle and should bear the registration mark of the towing vehicle also.

The frames come in various weight capacities and are usually quickly dismantable without tools and can be fitted in the truck of even a small car. They are extremely popular with car dealers and recovery services as they are often more convenient to use than car trailers.

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