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Best Orthodontic Treatment in Gurgaon | Ak Global Dent

Posted by Arun Verma on August 10, 2022 at 7:13am 0 Comments

Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. When one has crooked teeth, it can be difficult to clean all of the surfaces or floss in between them. If the bite is misaligned, the teeth could also wear in unnatural places and increase the chances of developing tooth decay or other issues. Get a beautiful smile today with the best teeth straightening orthodontic treatment performed by the dental experts at AK Global Dent, by the…


Smartphone radio jamming is specially designed for people who want to protect their privacy by preventing eavesdropping and eavesdropping with our current flood of satellite positioning (car positioning, cell phone positioning, googlenet positioning, etc.). Due to the characteristics of all current GPS satellite positioning systems, the effective radio wave blocking range is to block, interfere, adjust and suppress GPS satellite signals from 2 to 15m to form an effective protection zone, which also has a great effect on GPS. Track application measures, works well.

It is also recommended to carry an item called a GPS wave barrier "8341GPS" as a method of blocking GPS waves for commercial vehicles. This product is a product that can block all GPS mobile phones with one click, so no matter what type of GPS is installed on a commercial vehicle or an official vehicle, anyone can easily block radio waves.

Cutoff radio waves for mobile radio jamming devices are compatible with 3G, 4G, CDMA, GSM, DCS and PHS.

It has the function of adjusting the cut-off intensity of the radio wave, and each antenna has an independent power supply and radio wave adjustment button. Therefore, the customer can individually set the radio waves he/she wants to block and the radio waves he/she does not want to block.

It is the type that is powered from an outlet and comes with a cigar adapter for use in the car.

The maximum blocking range of the mobile radio wave jammer is about 15 to 50 m, the power supply is 100 V to 240 V specification, and it can be used worldwide.

The blocking radio wave of the mobile radio wave blocker is compatible with GPS, 3G, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS. For use in exam rooms, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, convention centers, theaters, hospitals, military districts, and places where cell phone use is prohibited.

38W 16 Bands Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Jammer GPS WIFI Blocker
There are many GPS as GPS tracking apps (current location tracking feature) on your smartphone. Even if it is installed without permission, there are a lot of cases where people don't notice it, it's like someone is constantly monitoring the behavior. With GPS Barrier, you can protect your privacy from GPS tracking apps.

wifi jammer can do all sorts of things and it's convenient, but GPS apps set up unknowingly are a habit and have the potential to leak personal privacy by other apps, so it's a normal phone I've heard people say back (smart phone).

A man stuck on a commuter train whose life's work is packed with noisy passengers

Someone who's been talking loudly on a train, or someone who's hitting someone and talking on a cell phone while walking, sometimes thinks "I'm going out of the service area!".

A Chicago man who made it his life's work has been arrested by police. It appears he blocked the radio waves with a voyeur detector on the morning commuter train.

Radio wave discovery function

The reason has not been known, but police learned a few months ago that "when someone answered the phone in the car, a suspicious person took out the black device of the portable jammer 5 antenna and turned it on. Interfering with radio waves." The photo was also provided, and the police put the photo It was posted online and is being investigated jointly with the Chicago Department of Transportation and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

On ordinary roads, on the way to and from get off work in the morning and evening, I found that there were too many people carrying mobile phones and not driving. I was angry and disturbed the police. In one case, a fine of nearly 5 million yen was imposed. At the time, the radio waves from the jammer were so strong that the sheriff who stopped the car during the interrogation couldn't hear it.

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