TSMC begins trial production of 2nm chips for Apple and Nvidia

According to foreign media reports, the global foundry leader TSMC has not only started to develop a 2-nanometer process, widening the gap with competitors, but also recently began to prepare for trial production of 2-nanometer products for Apple and NVIDIA. In addition, in order to further develop the 2nm process technology, TSMC will send about 1,000 R&D personnel to work in the Fab 20 fab, which is currently under construction.

According to the Patently apple report, Samsung Electronics will use GAA technology to start mass production of 3nm process chips in June 2022, six months ahead of TSMC, becoming the world's first company to mass produce this process technology. Under the impact of Samsung's preemptive strike, TSMC executives have repeatedly disclosed the development plan of 2nm process technology, forming an advanced process development competition. In addition, it is reported that the current TSMC is still developing the technology of power supply on the back of the chip, and the goal is to use this technology by 2026.

In addition to TSMC, Intel, the major processor manufacturer that previously announced plans to re-enter the foundry business in 2021, has also joined the advanced process R&D race. The US semiconductor giant announced the technical development, test data and roadmap of its chip backside power supply solution PowerVia in an online event on June 1, local time, and began to expand its influence in the foundry industry.

Additionally, Intel has set a goal of advancing its foundry technology to a 1.8nm node in the second half of 2024. In March, the company laid out a plan to reach volume production on its 1.8nm process technology through a partnership with ARM. However, market participants also have some uncertain views. They believe that even if Intel succeeds according to the roadmap, it will still be a big challenge for the company to eventually achieve balance of payments.

The report also explained the situation of Samsung, another competitor of TSMC. Kyung Kye-hyun, president of Samsung DS Division, said in a speech in early May that Samsung plans to surpass TSMC. The goal is to use the 2nm process of GAA technology earlier than TSMC. start.

In fact, in addition to advanced manufacturing processes, TSMC also maintains its technological leadership through advanced packaging technologies. Not long ago, TSMC announced the official opening of the sixth advanced packaging and testing factory, becoming the first TSMC to achieve the integration of front-end and back-end process 3D Fabric integration automation advanced packaging and testing factory and testing service factory. At the same time, it is also preparing for the mass production of TSMC-SoIC (system integrated chip) process technology. The opening of the sixth advanced packaging and testing factory will enable TSMC to have a more complete and flexible production capacity planning for SoIC, InFO, CoWoS, advanced testing and other TSMC 3DFabric advanced packaging and silicon stacking technologies, and also bring higher production. Yield and performance synergies.

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