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The Latin name for Turkey Tail mushrooms is trametes versicolor. They get their name because of their colorful rings that make them resemble turkey feathers.

They are also room920 know as Yun Zhi (China) and Kawaritake (Japan). This was traditionally brewed into a tea and was said to strengthen the lungs, improve energy, and much more.

Turkey Tail mushrooms have long been used in Asia for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. This renowned mushroom has been linked with vitality, strong bones and muscles, and healthy liver functions. They can be found all over the globe growing on dead logs.

Turkey Tail Tea
Turkey Tail is a bracket fungi that is extremely common in North America. It usually grows in shelves or rows.

They measure between 1-4 inches. The cap is multicolored with different shades of grey, orange, yellow, brown, and cream. In the U.S., they are usually found May through December. Rather than gills, Turkey Tails have pores.

In contrast to many other edible mushrooms, Turkey Tail mushrooms are usually consumed in powder form.

Although, as mentioned earlier, this mushroom has been used to brew tea for quite some time in Asia. Its tough texture makes them unsuitable for whole consumption.

They are also made into mushroom capsules. This mushroom can be used to prevent infections and stave off the common cold and flu.

Turkey Tail mushrooms also have been shown to potentially combat cancer.

In fact, the Turkey Tail mushroom was FDA approved to help cancer patients get through chemo by helping to boost their immune systems.

The potent immune therapy of Turkey Tail mushrooms is finally being used in the West.

While there are all kinds of mushrooms that provide health benefits, the Turkey Tail mushroom is one of the most well documented immune-boosting superfoods.

This type of mushroom is filled with antioxidants. This includes a variety of phenols and flavonoids.

These antioxidants help boost the immune system because they reduce inflammation and release protective compounds.

Turkey Tail mushrooms also contain polysaccharopeptides that possess similar immune-boosting properties. These help to regulate your body’s immune response and protect it against harmful substances.

Turkey Tail mushrooms are also good for digestive health. They have probiotics which help the microbiome by feeding the good bacteria in the gut. This leads to the elimination of toxins, improved energy and vitality, and promotes healthy weight loss.

This well-studied mushroom continues to gain popularity for its room920 amazing medicinal properties. In summary, Turkey Tails are great for the immune system and gut health, and have many other potential health benefits.

Whether you take it in pill form or brew up a pot of Turkey Tail mushroom tea, this is definitely a fungi to add to your daily routine.

Want to find your own? We have mushroom foraging classes all season in Marin, Sonoma, and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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