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Hartman Estime '23 Shirts

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Celebrate the dynamic duo of Sam Hartman and Audric Estime, who led Notre Dame to a thrilling comeback win over Duke in 2023. This Hartman Estime’23 Shirt features their names and numbers in green and white on a black background. Order now!…


Types of shipping containers you should be aware of when shipping internationally

It is estimated that around 11 billion tons of goods are transported annually. To cater to the needs of the logistics chain and ensure the proper handling of cargo, a great variety of multimodal shipping containers are used globally. A full understanding of the equipment and innovations that already exist in the logistics and freight forwarders Brisbane world can help us better understand the opportunities available. There is no doubt that the container unit is one of the most important components of the whole trading, shipping, and transportation sectors.

Listed below are seven types of shipping containers according to the type of products they carry

Containers for dry storage
This type of container is suitable for a wide range of uses, and it is completely enclosed, protected from the elements, weatherproof, and has a rigid roof, sidewalls and floor. It comes in different lengths ranging from 10, 20, and 40 feet and is used primarily for the transportation of dry goods. However, if you want to ship food or chemicals that need refrigeration with the assistance of freight forwarders Brisbane, these containers are unsuitable.

Container with flat racks
It allows the user to place heavy loads above or from the side of the rack. It is generally accepted that flat rack containers are either 20 or 40 feet long and made of steel, so they are strong and durable. In addition, some flat rack containers are collapsible and can be attached to the frame that can be used as additional walls if needed. For the transportation of oversize goods with the assistance of freight forwarders Brisbane, such as heavy machinery, vehicles on tracks, and other machinery, these containers are ideal.

Container with an open top
It is a form of dry storage, except that it does not have a top. In the container, a plastic roof structure is attached with ropes, which protect from rain and other forms of precipitation by protecting from the elements. To ensure that the cargo is secure, upper and lower side rails and corner posts are usually equipped with rings to be placed in both directions.

Container with an open side
It is possible to completely open an open container's long side. It is very convenient to load and unload materials with this feature as it gives much more space and accessibility, which makes loading and unloading materials much easier. This feature is beneficial for goods that may be difficult to get through the end of a dry storage container.

Containers with ISO reefer seals
There are several uses for ISO shipping containers, including the shipment of temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo. An external power source regulates the temperature of these containers to keep them at a constant temperature. They are used to ship cargo such as meat, fruits and vegetables with the assistance of freight forwarders Brisbane.

Half height containers
Bulk cargo is a form of transport used for heavy and dense cargo. According to One Global Logistics, there are a lot of uses for them, such as the transport of coal, stones, or other dense items. Because of their versatility and robustness, they can withstand rough industrial environments, even though they can handle heavier loads than taller containers. There are also advantages to loading and unloading half-height containers because they are easy to handle.

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