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The topic “Support and reaction” is the base for structural analysis. If we want to find the reaction at the end of the beam then we must know which support it is and how many reactions are there. so in this article, we will show you types of support and reaction and how to calculate them.

What Is Support?
In simple words, support is a component that bears a whole load of more above structure and passes that load on its own, and Support will try to hold the structure to keep the structure in safe and stable condition.

Support resists the movement of components in some particular direction which occurs due to external forces. and results in resistant force. In this concept, there are two important terms which are force and moment.
What Is Reaction?
The reaction is force, which generates the response of external forces on the structure. When a particular structural component restrains some movement at that time in the opposite direction of force, reaction force generates.

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