Understanding NEMA Power Cords: A Guide to NEMA L6-20 and NEMA 6-20 Extension Cords

Power cords are an essential part of every electrical system. A power cord is an electrical cable that temporarily helps send electricity from a power source to an electric appliance. Such a cord can be attached either directly to a socket or through an extension cord. Usually, all power cords come with extensions that make it easy to connect or disconnect.

NEMA power cords are a ubiquitous part of North American electrical systems, used in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to home appliances. Understanding the different types of NEMA power cords is essential for ensuring that power is distributed safely and reliably. This guide focuses on two popular types of NEMA power cords: the NEMA L6-20 and NEMA 6-20 extension cords.

The NEMA L6-20 cord is a twist-lock type cord, commonly used for applications that require high voltage, such as air conditioning units, refrigerators, and generators. On the other hand, the NEMA 6-20 extension cord is a straight-blade type cord, used for applications that require lower voltage, such as power tools and computer equipment.

Whether in the corporate world, the manufacturing sector, or the retail sector, power cords are always in high demand. Different kinds of power cords are made to work with different types of electronics.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has made sure that all types of power cords work the same way so that they are safe and efficient. With an emphasis on the NEMA L6-20 and NEMA 6-20 extension cords, we'll talk about NEMA power cables in this blog post.

NEMA power Cords

To connect electrical equipment to power sources, NEMA power cords are utilized. For interoperability between devices, these cords have fixed dimensions and connectors. In addition, the heavy-duty nature of these power cords provides ease of use and long shelf life. They have long extensions that can handle heavy-duty tasks like gardening, motor assembly, and minor construction. Moreover, the prongs on Nema power cable are sturdy and difficult to break or bend.

Power cords certified by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) go into one of six distinct categories: NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA L5-15, NEMA L6-15, and NEMA L6-20.

Using NEMA power cords comes with a slew of benefits. They guarantee security, dependability, and peak efficiency. In addition, since most devices use the same type of connectors, it's simple to exchange cables between them; this is particularly useful in complicated industrial situations where tools are frequently transferred.

NEMA L6-20 power cords

Typically, a NEMA L6-20 power cord with 250 volts and 20 amps is utilized in commercial and industrial environments. It has a locking connector that keeps the cord securely connected to the device. This feature is especially helpful in places where vibrations could pull the cord out of place.

The NEMA L6-20 power cord is often used in compressors, HVAC systems, and welding tools. The locking connector makes the cord even safer by keeping it attached while it's being used. 

NEMA 6-20 extension cords

You can move NEMA 6-20 power cord powered devices farther away by using an extension cord. These cords have a straight blade configuration of 250 volts and 20 amps. They find widespread application in industrial settings where machinery is routinely relocated.

NEMA 6-20 extension power cords are commonly used with power tools, welding equipment, and compressors. The cables are made from high-quality components that last a long time and perform reliably every time. Locking connector cords are required in most industrial settings but are often unnecessary in the home. It's also vital to choose cords made from high-quality materials to make sure they last.

Of the many options for NEMA power cords available online, SF Cable is a top choice. Many different types of NEMA power cords are available from our stock. Our entire catalogue is cruelty-free and safe for the planet. Furthermore, for the duration of the useful life of every cable product we sell, we provide exceptional after-sales service and technical support.

Precautions When Using NEMA Power Cords

NEMA power cords and extension cords should be used with caution. Device specifications include required voltage, amperage, cord length, and plug type. The only way to ensure a risk-free experience is to strictly adhere to the rules set out.

  • Always check the voltage and current ratings of the power cable you want to use with your device.

  • Too many electronic devices plugged into a single socket might cause fires.

  • Check the condition of the cords to make sure the gadget will work properly.

  • Keep cords out of the elements and out of sight while they are not in use.


The charging wire for your device should be both sturdy and designed to work with it. Never stray from the power cords suggested by the manufacturer or retailer. Using improper power cords might cause severe problems for your electronics. Power cords and extension cords for electrical equipment must meet NEMA specifications. By using the correct cord and following all safety precautions, you can ensure the machine's reliable and safe operation. In industrial settings where dependability and safety are paramount, extension cables with NEMA L6-20 and NEMA 6-20 classifications are your best bet.

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