The betting insurance bonus offers yet another form of reward, a form that we can somehow define as the "opposite" of the previous one. What is meant? We explain at once 1xbet South Africa review.
If a deposit bonus is actually a way to get some extra credit on a deposit made in order to be able to play partly for free, with an insurance bonus (also called a cashback bonus) the convenience lies in getting a return percentage on those that are losses that should be replenished.

Are you placing bets and, unfortunately, the outcome of the match is not what you expected? With an insurance bonus, you will see that part of the invested loan will return to your account.
How many are we talking about? It depends on the amount of the bonus, but it can be said that the most common cashbacks are between 5% and 20% depending on the policy of each individual online casino and each individual bonus.
Also in this case, there may be restrictions or, in any case, conditions that must be observed, so once again we suggest that you carefully read the specific characteristics of the bonus you are interested in in order to know them in advance.
Free bet bonus
The free bet bonus is pretty easy to understand in its specific meaning, it is actually a promotion that allows you to place special bets in a completely free form, allowing you to keep the economic consideration without having to withdraw it from your gaming account.
The free betting bonus can be offered "randomly" while using the selected site, and also as part of the no deposit bonus that the sports betting platform offers to those who are still unsure to let them try the site by playing immediately. even before depositing funds into your account.
What are these bonuses? As always, the answer is open, it all depends on the choice that each online casino makes regarding their advertising policy, but we can say that in some cases it consists of a predetermined amount that needs to be managed, how many bets you want, while while in other cases it is equal to a certain number of items to be made, each of which costs a predetermined amount of money.
It goes without saying that even this type of bonus does not go beyond any conditions that it must meet, therefore, in this case, you must first check them in order not to incur “surprises”.
Bonus with promo code
A bonus with a promo code is another form of convenience available to all those who somehow “stumble” on a promo code, what does this mean?
This means that in most cases these bonuses are mainly for all those who are not yet active or registered on the platform and who are offered (perhaps through a blog or an in-depth site) the opportunity to take advantage of a special promotion, which in some cases way offers you to open the platform itself.
But that's not all, bonuses with a code, of course, are not only for promotional purposes, but should also be understood as special bonuses that are published from time to time on gaming portals so that they can also be used by those who have already registered with a promotional code , it is convenient to activate them at any time (while they are active).
In terms of conditions, even these bonuses do not go beyond any limits, in which case we suggest opening them as soon as possible to find out as soon as possible.
Bonus for increased odds
To conclude, we would like to introduce an increased odds bonus, another type of promotions available, whose role is to offer another way to direct betting site users to an additional convenient option.
How do these bonuses work? As you can guess from the name itself, these promotions offer the opportunity to bet at higher odds than the starting odds.
The convenience in this case obviously lies in the fact that once our bet is successful, the payment fee will lead us to a much higher profit than otherwise.
How much higher? It all depends on which ordinary bet and single increased odds we choose, but in general we can say that the level of convenience is always quite stable.
As you can imagine, "known" conditions can also affect these bonuses, so the offer is always the same: always look at all the details related to them before deciding whether to use the bonus or not, this is always the perfect way to enjoy any full promotion.

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