Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike Review

Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike Review

The electric bike market is getting more crowded and expensive by the day, which can be intimidating for a first-time buyer or someone looking for a good deal. So, when Velotric debuted the Discover 1 e-bike promising a premium commuter bike that’s affordable and fun for anyone, I had to take a look.To get more news about Fat Tire Electric Bikes, you can visit official website.

The Velotric Discover 1 is a Class 2 e-bike with that classic cruiser look along with the benefit of commuter features. It has plenty of bells and whistles, a powerful 500W motor to zip through the streets, and a comfortable step-through design for only $1,899. And while that may sound expensive, this bike packs a solid design, front suspension, front and rear lights, and can go upwards of 60 miles on a single charge.To get more news about volt electric bike, you can visit official website.

The Discover 1 doesn’t zoom past the competition in any single category, but for its first e-bike, the company nailed it. Velotric managed to blend a stylish design and premium features into a well-thought-out package at a price that’s hard to beat.To get more news about how much does an electric bike cost, you can visit official website.

I’ve used the Discover 1 to whip around the streets in my neighborhood, hit some dirt trails (yes, it can do that too,) and even strapped a cooler to the rear cargo rack for a longer ride and comfortably enjoyed the wind in my face.

So, does the Discover 1 deliver on Velotric’s promise of being a premium and comfortable commuter e-bike that’s easy to use and affordable? Yes! Read on for the full review.Be prepared for a large and heavy box to show up on your doorstep, but pull it into the garage, and you’ll have it assembled in no time. The Discover 1 comes safely wrapped in tons of recyclable materials and cardboard, which I appreciated.

Considering the relatively affordable price point and a slew of features, this could be many buyers’ first e-bike. Understandably, the thought of “putting it together” might sound scary. If you can assemble some IKEA furniture or use a few basic tools, you’ll have the bike ready to roll in around 30 minutes or so. You don’t need any special skills or bike knowledge, and all the tools you’ll need come in the box.The entire process is relatively simple. The bike comes with a set of easy-to-follow instructions and a little zipper bag for the tools. Grab a wrench, the included screwdriver, a few Allen hex keys, and a cold beverage, then get started.

You’re not putting an entire e-bike together. Instead, you’ll mount the front tire to the fork, align and tighten the handlebars, slide on the seat, and then attach the pedals (and optional headlight), and that’s it. You don’t have to install any wires, shifter cables, or components. This wasn’t my first rodeo, and aside from a hiccup with the brakes (more on that below), it didn’t take long before my maiden voyage.Being a class 2 e-bike means you can use the throttle, pedal, or both. Power up the screen, select how much you want the battery to help, and start pedaling. Just be ready to feel the 500W motor kick into action and propel you forward. It only has three pedal-assist levels, with the lowest just giving you a little help as you ride. Then, at level 3, you can quickly reach the 20MPH top speed, even without pedaling.

There’s even a “push” option below level one, which will slowly turn the wheel and help you push and walk with the bike, like through a crosswalk or down the sidewalk as you leave your apartment building or driveway.The step-through design makes the Discover 1 comfortable and accessible to almost any rider, which is a big plus. The sitting position and comfy seat make it a joy to ride, and I like being able to change gears to gain extra speed, especially while going up a steep hill. The push-throttle, display, and gear-shifter are well thought out and easy to access. It even comes with a little bell which I installed on the left handlebar. Click it for a little bing, bing.

The Discover 1 looks like a cruiser bike combined with your typical commuter, so it’ll appeal to many different users. Quickly stepping on, cruising around, or tossing a cooler or backpack on the back is great.At this price point, I was excited to see a large, bright, vibrant display full of helpful information. The screen always shows your speed, battery life, and assist level. Then, you can use the controls on the left side of the handles to check your trip distance, odometer, average speed, max speed, calories, current power usage, or even the voltage.

Being able to see (and try to beat) my max speed record, keep track of power usage, then see how many miles I go on each ride is a nice perk that many e-bikes in this price point don’t offer. Not all e-bikes have a big screen, so this is a welcomed addition.

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