Vertical Roller Mill Maintain Regularly

The partition board or grate seam is blocked by some sundries or debris. In severe cases, it is completely blocked, and the grate hole becomes smaller, which causes the vertical roller mill to be "full grinding". If the vertical roller mill is not maintained regularly or is in disrepair for a long time, the partition plate may be partially broken off or perforated, causing the steel balls to pass through the warehouse and reducing the grinding capacity.

How to solve the problem of "full grinding" of vertical roller mill? Now that we have understood the reasons for the "full grinding" phenomenon of the vertical roller mill, we can take specific solutions to eliminate the fault, eliminate the "full grinding" phenomenon of the vertical roller mill, and ensure the normal operation of the entire beneficiation production line.

The common method is to reduce the amount of feed and ensure smooth ventilation of the cylinder. If the effect is not obvious, the feeding can be stopped immediately, so that the vertical roller mill runs with little or no material, and generates enough heat to evaporate the water in the material, and at the same time, the steel balls, the lining plate and the grate of the partition plate are adhered to the gap.

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