Ever since the days of puberty when pimples start popping out, you have probably taken notice changes that your skin undergoes. A mole here and a freckle there are all good and fine, but that weird, bumpy, crusty growths that seem to come from out of nowhere, those are the things that make you worry.
Your skin undergoes all sorts of changes with age, and some of the changes can be worrisome or unsightly. Everybody goes through uncanny spots, weird tags, or markings that appear on your skin overnight. The three main reasons due to which your skin changes are
• Personal- based on your lifestyle changes
• Environmental- from changes in the surroundings such as sun damage, weather change, etc.
• Biological- hormonal imbalance, loss of collagen and elasticity, etc.
You already know the importance of keeping an eye out for strange moles that could be cancerous, however, you might not know about the other growths you should be vigilant about.
Here’s the list of most common skin conditions you may develop with age.
Wherever you find them, you probably are not excited to notice any type of warts. They are stubborn, but warts treatment is very much possible, so you don’t have to live with them. This unsightly skin condition is the result of a virus and can appear on the hands, feet, face, or genitals. They might be of a variety of shapes, colors, and texture. They can be smooth or rough, brown, gray, or black, narrow or long, which means they are easy to be confused with a raised mole.
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