What are the advantages of PDF?

PDF, short for“Portable Document,” is an electronic file format developed by Adobe. circuit printing service This is a common file format that has the following advantages:

1. Universal compatibility

PDF has been widely supported in the programming of various technical application systems.PCB fabrication company We can completely open and display PDF files in most browsers, and we can easily open PDF files no matter whether the computer we use is installed with Office2003, 2007, 2010 or WPS.

2. Portability

The PDF file format is portable,china PCB which means the file can be transferred or moved without typographical problems, such as paragraph confusion, text or format loss.

3, easy to create

Most applications allow us to export the current file to PDF format, so that it can be easily copied, shared or transmitted anywhere.

4. Reliability

PDF is a reliable file format, and any PDF file we create will display content in exactly the same way, no matter where we view the data. For example, when editing in a very good-looking, very comfortable font, send it to the other person, whether the other person‘s computer has this font or not, the font you set will be displayed well.

5, version independent

We can easily open, merge or combine PDF files, regardless of their version numbers or other attributes, because PDF files do not have such attributes. Docx or. Pptx files have different versions.

6. Security

Our teachers can protect PDF files with password information at the same time. After the PDF files are password protected, students can only view them by constantly entering the correct password. In addition, because PDF documents are generally non-editable, so only through the development of corresponding tools for data editing, can enter the state of China's editing. This greatly improves PDF security.

7. Versatility

PDF file format is a practical format, which can be used for images, graphics, vectors, text documents, reports, presentations or spreadsheets.

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