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Benvenuti nel mercato della salute dei prodotti generici, offriamo una varietà di prodotti ai migliori tassi di sconto. Sfoglia il nostro sito Web e scegli il/i prodotto/i migliore/i più adatto a te.…

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Benvenuti nel mercato della salute dei prodotti generici, offriamo una varietà di prodotti ai migliori tassi di sconto. Sfoglia il nostro sito Web e scegli il/i prodotto/i migliore/i più adatto a te. Di seguito è riportato un elenco di tutti i prodotti che offriamo.…


Affiliate Marketing Tips - Is Internet Affiliate Marketing Business Dead?

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If you just got started in internet affiliate marketing business, there is a high chance that you are finding it difficult profiting from it. Lots of folks who start this business often fail, the failure rate is said to be over 80% which is very outrageous. This has made many people to believe that affiliate business is dead. Keep reading this affiliate marketing tips for more information.

The fact is, lots of people are still earning money from this business, no doubt, this are… Continue

What are the common symptoms of adrenal dysfunction

You were in your fantasyland in your DREAM, living your life without any stress. 

And suddenly your alarm buzzed, you snoozed it once, then twice and finally at the third you woke yourself up forcefully and you feel more tired than fresh. functional medicine doctor online consultation

This tiredness or fatigue that you are facing can be either Thyroid or Adrenal Dysfunction.

If you are not suffering from Thyroid then it can be the Adrenal Gland.

Your adrenal glands produce a variety of hormones that are essential to life. Adrenal Dysfunction refers to inadequate production of one or more of these hormones.

Your adrenal glands are found just about your kidneys & they are very small in size but they play a very big role in your survival.


The symptoms of adrenal disorders vary depending on which hormones are involved. Many of the symptoms of adrenal disorders are similar to those of other illnesses.


Symptoms of high levels of cortisone (Cushing’s disease) include:

Upper body obesity, while arms and legs stay thinner. (A common trait called a Buffalo hump refers to a lump in between the shoulders.)

Being tired and confused.
Developing high blood pressure and diabetes.
Skin that bruises easily.
Wide purplish streak marks on the abdominal skin.

Symptoms of high levels of aldosterone include:

High blood pressure.
Low potassium levels.
Pain and spasms in your muscles.

Symptoms of high levels of male sex hormones are only apparent in females or in young boys before puberty. These include:

Growing facial hair and or balding.

Developing acne.
Having a deeper voice.
Becoming more muscular.
Developing a greater sex drive.
Developing masculine traits is called virilization.

 Consult Dr. Anshul Gupta MD 



Whenever you are exposed to any kind of stress, whether it is physical or emotional stress, your adrenal glands produce a hormone called CORTISOL HORMONE, which safeguards your body or you may say deal with that stress. 


These are a few practices that can improve not just your Adrenal Dysfunction situation but also your lifestyle.

As I am a Functional Medicine Expert, I help my clients Reverse their Chronic Diseases by making Personalized Functional Medicine Plans, I understand the following everything at once can be an overwhelming thing for you.

And if you are facing such issues as fatigue, abdominal weight gain, Interrupted sleep cycles, food cravings, irritability & anxiety in your daily life where you feel then you can connect with me, right now!

So that I can help you with your issues closely and provide you with my personalized help.

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