What are the inexplicable small particles on the face? Skin experts teach you skin care


Simply put, it is a type of closed acne. What people usually 皮脂腺囊腫 think of as "granulation" is miliary swelling, and the surface shows small yellow bumps, which can’t be pulled out or squeezed out. , Not necessarily because the eye cream is too beautiful and moisturizing, but it may be related to the texture of the eye cream. You can reduce the possibility of environmental occurrence by increasing corporate cleaning or changing skin care products. Doctors usually choose to use some small The needle is lifted, or removed with a laser.

Keratinization of hair follicles

It's like a pimple that will never go away. It feels rough, usually near the knees, elbows, and hips. Almost 40% of people have this symptom, but usually after the age of 40, the symptoms will slowly disappear. The usual maintenance can increase exfoliation, rubbing with acid and fruit acid lotion can relieve the symptoms, but there is no way to completely cure it.

Sebaceous cyst

It may not protrude and feel like small particles under the skin, but it has no openings on the surface and cannot be squeezed out. Because the sebaceous glands have no openings, the oil secreted by the body can only accumulate in the small sacs under the skin. This process involves removing the sacs with a needle. , Or squeezed out after laser shock, over time, these sacs will accumulate and plastic surgery will be needed to remove them.

Seborrheic Keratosis

As we get older, when we begin to develop some spots, it may also be accompanied by economic emergence. After about 30 years of age, it will have an impact. This small bump will usually be brown, but There are deep and shallow, most of which occur at about 50 years old. The front chest, back, limbs, and face will grow, which can be dealt with by using a laser.

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