What are the Key Performance Indicators for Bulk SMS Marketing?

Customer loyalty can be gained and cultivated through SMS marketing. The SMS marketing channel is cost-effective, delivers high open rates, and is fast and easy to use. The only thing we need to do is measure how effective they are, as with everything in marketing.

Conversions from SMS marketing are rarely analyzed by companies. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign is measured by the click-through rate (CTR) of the link in the message, the average sales increase, or the number of discount codes used. What are the key factors to call a SMS marketing campaign successful?

How should we track SMS marketing KPIs? Here are some suggestions.

Key Performance Indicators for Bulk SMS Marketing

Prior to determining your KPIs for SMS marketing, you will need a specific and measurable goal. What are we aiming for after people receive our message? Prioritizing KPIs helps us make the right decisions.

Think about sending a promo code to a group of people to use in-store. We will therefore pay less attention to click-through rates and more attention to open rates in this case. Here are the key performance indicators for bulk SMS marketing.
Open Rate

An open rate is one of the KPIs for SMS marketing, which is simply the number of recipients who open your message. Considering SMS's high open rates, many marketers include it in their marketing mix. SMS open rates average 94% globally. SMS can be a powerful tool in an age when businesses are struggling to stand out among the clutter. When 100 people open an SMS, your open rate is 98%. Open rates are extremely important when it comes to SMS marketing.

Click-Through Rate

One of the key performance indicators for SMS marketing is the click-through rate, which can be used to determine how many people perform a second action after opening the SMS message. You can track how many people click through to learn more, read more, or take another action using links and URLs. Click-through rates provide insight into how engaged your audience is with SMS marketing. If you want your customers to click your link, you'll need a clear goal and reason.

Opt-Out Rate

SMS campaign opt-outs should generally be easy to find. Opting out of a campaign should be a simple process. In other words, your opt-out rate is the number of people no longer wishing to receive your communications.

It is important to track opt-outs even though they are unfortunate. The KPI measures the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

You can use the data to find out what is causing users to opt-out. Do you send too frequently? How often do you send? At what time do you receive opt-outs? Do you have a particular type of content where opt-out rates are high? By collecting this data, we can learn more about the preferences (and dislikes) of our audience. After you conduct a SMS marketing campaign, don't forget to monitor this KPI.

Conversion Rate

SMS marketing KPIs that look at conversion rate are highly sought after. It measures how many people took action after receiving an SMS. Analyze how people respond to your message from the moment they receive it until the moment they convert. Again, we can look for patterns or trends in the data, just like we did with opt-out rates. Your campaign's success may be driven by the copy, style, offer, or another element. Whatever works, we should continue it. This KPI is important for SMS marketing.

Delivered Percentage

You can determine how many messages have reached your contacts by looking at your delivered percentage. Undeliverable messages may indicate that something is wrong. If you want to avoid paying for undelivered messages, you should partner with a SMS marketing service provider such as SMS Striker.

Opt-in Source

It is important to track how people join your SMS campaign in the first place as well. By doing so, you can understand what works and what doesn't. Ensure that your opt-in phrases differ across your various marketing channels.

You can, for instance, let customers join your list by texting SAVE to 40225 during checkout. Once you have subscribers, use JOIN in a SMS marketing campaign. To understand attribution, use specific keywords. Another important KPI of SMS marketing is opt-in source.

In order to test the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns, all the above KPIs are equally important.

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