What are the necessary steps to learn Data structures

As all of you know learning DSA helps in solving real-time complex problems. And also it increases the problem-solving skills of students. So let’s see what are the Prerequisites For Data structures and algorithms.

The first thing you’ll need if you want to get better at algorithms and data structures is a solid base. This base can be learned through more than one ways either through computer programme at your university, with a codign bootcampus, or you can learn by yourself by the Books, Videos and more.

The first need for Data structures and algorithms was that you should be aware of at least one Language. Most of the students will be in confusion that is learning one Language is enough?

The answer is yes, Instead of going for two or three programming languages and make yourself more confused, It is better to learn one programming language. Now the question arises what programming languages you need to learn.

Programming Languages to be Learned?

If you are new to programming learn C-language, as it is the base for every programming language. After learning C-language you can automatically learn by C++, Java. But if you felt difficulty in learning C language than you should learn Python.

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn for a beginner. And it is present trending language. Writing a code in python is simplified and short compared to other languages.

What Concepts to be Learn?

You need a basic understanding of the following topics:

Data types
Input/ output
Conditional and Control statements

Once you feel like you have a good understanding of most of the concepts listed above, it’s time to start diving into the algorithms part. Here is a list of resources and things I did to get better at writing and understanding important data structures and algorithms.

Here are some books I personally recommend.

Introduction to Algorithms, Thomas H. Cormen - one of the best books in algorithms and covers a broad range of algorithms
Algorithms, Robert Sedgewick - it is the leading textbook on algorithms and is widely used in colleges and universities
The Art of Computer Programming, Donald E. Knuth - this book is best if you know subject and for a deeper language.
Also, u can go with few good online courses available online.’

Learn DS & Algorithms from programiz
Data structure courses on Coding Ninjas
Data structure courses on Coursera
Practice coding simple and then more advanced algorithms on sites like Coderbyte, Code studio, and HackerRank which provide explanations and solutions so you can learn from other coders as well.

I’d recommend you to try the Basics of C++ with Data Structures and Algorithms from NDMEAA, I recently completed this course from Coding Ninjas, and trust me it's awesome. This is one of the most comprehensive courses on data structure and algorithms using Java/python/C++. It provides an excellent and straightforward guide to implement the most up-to-date algorithms from scratch: arrays, linked lists, graph algorithms, and sorting, etc. You will also learn about binary trees, balanced trees like AVL trees and Red-black trees, heaps including heapsort algorithm, and associative arrays and dictionaries.

I guess this post will give you a rough idea about the prerequisites for learning Data Structures and help you choose wisely.

I hope you enjoyed this list of resources. Feel free to practice coding on Codestudio(powered by Coding Ninjas) , and comment below with any other resources you think are helpful.

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