What Are The Vital Facts To Know About LANAP Dental Procedure?

We get a lot of questions from our gum disease patients regarding the LANAP technology we use and how it compares to more traditional therapies.

How effective is LANAP dental procedure?

The term "Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure" refers to how laser therapy facilitates the attachment of healthy gum tissue to bone in your jaw and mouth. That's critical in the treatment of periodontal disease, or gum disease, since as the condition progresses, sections of your gums get infected, causing damage to the natural attachments and loosening of your teeth. If you want to gather more information about LANAP Dental Procedure, schedule an appointment with your dentist.


What is the effectiveness of the LANAP dental procedure?

In many situations, reversing this condition after periodontal treatment requires a significant amount of time and relies on spontaneous gum healing. When we utilize LANAP to help with gum disease therapy, the laser stimulates healthy gum tissue to establish new attachments, allowing your gums to heal more quickly. Visit a nearby dentist for Gum Regeneration Near Me

Procedure; LANAP for Gum Surgery:

The dentists use scalpels to cut diseased gum tissue away and reach any contaminated pockets in your bone or gums during osseous surgery, which is the traditional technique to treat severe periodontal disease. Then, they use Sutures to restructure the gums surrounding the teeth, eliminating the pockets. This surgery is usually effective, but it has a long recovery time. However, it is much more invasive and will likely cause pain and discomfort throughout recovery. Collect more info about Gum Tissue Regeneration Houston by visiting your local dentist now. 


How does LANAP work? 

Periodontists remove diseased gum tissue using an exact light frequency (distinguishable from healthy tissue because it is darker). The laser also destroys bacteria in the mouth, speeding up the healing process and encouraging new tissue formation. Both the removal of sick tissue and the restoration of good tissue is performed with less stress on the gums and a faster healing time. Get Gum Disease Treatment Memorial City to have successful treatment results. 

Is LANAP an effective procedure?

When you compare LANAP treatment with traditional surgery, studies on the LANAP treatment demonstrate promising results. For instance, less tooth loss after laser surgery. Additionally, it helps periodontal patients with gum regeneration by increasing new tissue attachments between gum and bone after therapy.

Is LANAP Effective in Regrow Gum and Bone?

It creates the optimal conditions for a patient's natural regenerative healing processes to accelerate up, especially compared to standard operations.

The tissues can mend faster because the procedure does not include incisions and stitches to recover from. Professionals use the laser to disinfect the area for better healing. The light frequency used promotes rapid new tissue growth in the gums and bone that has been treated.

There's even clinical evidence of some bone regeneration after using LANAP to treat gum disease. However, scientists are still figuring out how to complete regeneration works.

If you are looking for an effective Gum Infections Treatment Houston, LANAP is the one. Therefore, schedule an appointment and visit your periodontist to relieve gum infections as soon as possible.

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