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What exactly is seo?

The standard interpretation of search engine optimization is to meet the ranking needs of search engines according to the content of the website, so that search engines recognize you, so that your website gets a good ranking, so that your products get a good ranking, and build an optimized website from the inside out, which represents the meaning of search engine optimization and "search engine optimization" in Chinese.

The seo described above makes the optimal ranking order for search engines. At present, Baidu is the domestic search engine boss, 360 is the second son, Sogou, what must be the younger brother. Generally speaking, it is not a search engine, but if Baidu ranking is optimized, the remaining 360-degree sogou ranking will naturally rise, and the algorithm is similar. In fact, seo ranking rules, algorithms open or not, are similar. Webmaster must be clear, if everything inside and outside the site to "meet the user experience" as the center, then your ranking is not bad. The essence of seo is to meet the user experience, because Baidu, 360 degrees, search engines are to provide users with services and content.

Therefore, regarding seo, even if it is ever-changing, if users can experience themselves on the basis of mastering the optimization of the development foundation, the cost will of course become less and less with the passage of social time and will not increase. In the case of fierce seo competition, enterprises, webmaster seo are the pursuit of fast, the user experience of life without an environmental problem, but the ranking rose students have psychological comfort, the current research content is still not able to get more full attention, in the search engine repeatedly stressed the premise, we still spare no effort, the results are obvious.

For example, the core keywords of some websites like "xxx price" and "xxx ranking", which are typical keywords selected for ranking, the search volume of users is not low, and the Baidu index can also clearly see the search data. But, in reality, by searching such keywords ourselves, how many websites can provide the content that users want? Many sites are not only home pages, but also do not provide an obvious entry point to the content the user wants. Therefore, closing the window is inevitable and harms the user experience.

Many people may have the question: this type of site can harm the user experience, but why does it rank high? Is it a bug? Of course, there are also people on the one hand to take advantage of the weakness of the algorithm, while in the same industry, if everyone is garbage, search engines can only find the best garbage in the garbage in front of the user. What you need to know, however, is that as traffic to your site increases, so does the cost of seo due to a compromised user experience. What kind of transformation was carried out at this time, and what kind of benefits were obtained? In the long run, seo shoots itself in the foot by hurting the user experience, and the result is that people who don't make money call search engines junk. So remind webmasters, pay attention to seo do in line with the user experience as a guiding principle.

Recently, an article titled "Search engine Baidu is dead" has been popular, and Seo Circle is expanding. Many search engine companies believe Baidu overrates its products, especially the 100 most well-known companies. "What does SEO mean?" User requirements. Before writing this article, the blogger was also from Baidu. In fact, the home page is a list of 7 places I searched. They are Baidu products, Baidu Translation, Baidu experience, Baidu Know, Baidu Encyclopedia. In response, network operators have voiced dissatisfaction. So, let search engine optimization words, SEO Company Singapore website search engine optimization and Baidu's own products what is the difference? The key is traffic, users.

Website seo internal optimization ranking is homemade brand promotion. Users use your contact information to enter your site and dress themselves. Baidu products, on the other hand, can only offer content without ads. Even if you want to stream to your own website, you need the ability to pump. Give someone a dowry in one word. So that's it. Depending on the seo field, what is displayed in the search list is also different, and the amount displayed in Baidu's own products is also very different. In this area, the number of Seoers who like the content provided by Baidu products is the key point.

Therefore, for seo, Baidu readjusts, no matter how much change, as long as there is still a residue of search related engines, whether it is for Baidu, 360 degrees, or Google expected by webmasters, seo will have its own development. What is the important seo result based on your question? Is your subjective keyword analysis ranking, or can be based on the needs of different users of the search system research to provide content, which is related to the interests of seo, or a bad, seo useful for the corporate society, or does not work, in the process of its work results play a decisive role in the "search data engine can maintain the family livelihood of the webmaster."

What does SEO mean? In fact, in the context of Internet marketing, search engine optimization means, on Baidu, 360, Sogou and other platforms, to meet the platform needs in a certain way, to attract users to where you want to show to potential customers, to show based on user needs in order to achieve marketing.

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