Aluminum sheet 7075 hardness is higher, a lot of high strength requirements of the mould under the condition of the application of 6061 aluminum plate is not very ideal in 7075 aluminum sheet plate can increase the service life of the mold, which is best to reflect the 7075 features.
7075 aluminum plate with high strength, common corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction,belong to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu is a super-hard aluminum.
The alloy is the late 1940s has been applied to the aircraft manufacturing industry, still widely used in the aviation industry, ultra-high strength deformation of aluminum alloy. It is characterized by good plasticity after solution treatment, good heat treatment strengthening effect, high strength below 150 ℃, and particularly good low temperature strength; poor welding performance; stress corrosion cracking tendency; need to be covered by aluminum or other protection processing use. Two - stage aging can improve the ability of alloy to resist stress corrosion cracking. The plasticity in the annealed and just quenched state is slightly lower than that of the same state 2A12, slightly better than 7A04, the static fatigue of the sheet, the gap is sensitive, and the stress corrosion performance is better than 7A04.
Aluminum sheet 7075 is mainly used for: aerospace industry, blow molding mold, ultrasonic plastic welding mold, shoe mold, paper mold, foam molding mold, wax mold, template, fixture, machinery , Mold processing.

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