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Heavyweight cotton is a term that gets tossed around with fair frequency nowadays, and you might have been wondering what, exactly, it means. Don’t be turned off by the sound of it, as though it’s going to be a suit of chainmail. The term heavyweight generally just refers to cotton fabric that is thicker and fuller, and thus, ultimately, heavier.

As cotton is becoming more and more popular in the face of synthetics, you are going to come across terms like this and want to know what they mean. Some sources will attempt to quantify just what “heavyweight” means, and will offer up a weight that a t-shirt or a sweatshirt should weigh. However, what you need to know is that heavyweight garments is thicker and fuller, and will be warmer as a result. It’s important to keep in mind is that thread count is one of the prime determinants of how a fabric will feel. However, thread count and weight are not the same; still, some heavyweight cotton shirts and sweatshirts will feel softer because they contain more fabric, even without a higher thread count.

Since heavyweight shirts and sweatshirts are, after all, heavier, they can offer you a better, more reliable fit, they are much warmer, and they last much longer than lighter garments. Loss of insulating fibers is one of the main things that causes a sweatshirt to lose its effectiveness, and heavyweight sweatshirts will not only be warmer, to begin with but will remain warmer for longer.

Other than these considerations, whether or not you want a heavyweight sweatshirt or shirt is really a matter of choice. You might enjoy your lighter t-shirts in the summer while reserving your heavier options for the cooler months, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some manufacturers use thin cotton fabric and create their fabric with add-ins like polyester and spandex because they claim that these added fibers help the garments keep their shape. However, there are a number of reasons that cotton is becoming increasingly popular as well as some reasons that you might want to look for a 100% cotton garment.

For example, whether you are looking for a heavyweight or a lightweight cotton shirt or sweatshirt, cotton has a lot of advantages over synthetic fabrics or synthetic blends. First off, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and it is also a sustainable, renewable resource. It is also a safer fabric to wear, as conscientiously produced cotton garments do not contain any harsh chemicals that sometimes accompany synthetics. Cotton is also naturally soft and warm and is highly durable.

Of course, the chances are that you already were a fan of cotton and were just looking for a place where you could find a quality heavyweight cotton sweatshirt. If you’re looking for high quality, you will find it in the 100% cotton sweatshirts available at Just Sweatshirts on All of their 100% cotton products are produced from ring-spun cotton that will not pill and is also pre-shrunk to provide a great fit right out of the gate. Check out their website to find your next favorite winter wearable, and if you have any questions, contact their team at 1-866-888-5878.

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