What is the advantage of online teaching for teachers?

Online teaching has its difficulties, and teachers have shifted classes online as the pandemic occurred in the first half of 2020. There is something about a physical classroom and the ability to reach students body language, how to look students in the eye that one cannot replicate through videoconferencing. online teacher training program have their core seven benefits. They are as follows-

Flexible working hours- teachers no longer have to wake up before 6 AM to be in school by 7.30 depending on the after-school activities teachers are committed to because flexible workers iare one of the top advantages of online teaching.
Work from the comfort zone- teachers can take their class while working from home considering the work environment with the desire if the weather is too warm turn on the air-conditioning if your study room is getting too stuffy shift to a room with wider space; and so your working environment is fully under your control.
Teachers have the ability to earn more from online tutoring websites- teachers can register as an online tutors for video consultations by the students. It seems beneficial for both; students and teachers.
Easier for teachers to update course material- Teachers can easily upload any work material or update to ensure that online resources remain relevant to the syllabus.
Increasing student and teacher access- while doing online classes, students seem to seek help from teachers more often than they would have in an off-line class. Therefore, teaching online as identically made it easier for teachers to identify and provide more guidance for students who face difficulties at the course content.
Attendance check is easy- teachers can easily mark presence of students with automated attendance taking features and check students as they enter the virtual classroom.
However online teaching has its advantages and above were some of the benefits of conducting online lessons. Students can upload their worked solution and present their answer to the class however students can work together in groups to draw mind maps that demonstrate their understanding. Edux summer course Flexible course structure that offers collaboration support from a dedicated professional development coordinator who can assist you in meeting the accountability requirement of your district. To know more visit here

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