What Is The Prime Time To Take Protein?

Today we are going to talk about which are the prime time of protein. The prime time of protein means when your body needs protein, it's called prime time. So what are the prime times in the day in which you do not miss the protein? There are two different categories, such as those who do the workout or do not workout. We will discuss both categories in it.

First of all, I want to tell you that if you take five meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in those five meals. We are talking about protein nutrients, not supplements. Proteins that are present in food, whether it is nutrient or supplement, are together. Now let's talk about the first category. People whose careers are in the fitness industry, if they take 5 to 6 meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in every meal. In the second category, people who do business, are doctors, lawyers and those who want to keep themselves fit, if you take 5 to 6 meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in your 2 to 3 meals because during the activity. You use your muscles.

Why Are Proteins Important?

Why do you need protein because muscles break after a workout, then you need protein to rebuild or recover the muscles. Let us first talk about which mealtime is the prime time of protein. If you have six meals a day
1. Breakfast
2. Snack
3. Lunch
4. Post-Workout
5. Dinner
6. Before Bed
These are the six meals that are taken in a day, including your post-workout meal. Many people may take seven meals apart from the post-workout meal.

What Is The Prime Time To Take Protein?

No. 1 primetime, which is meal one ie, breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, your body is in the catabolic at that time. Catabolic means you're in fasting overnight. The chances of muscle loss in catabolic are high if you are doing muscle building or fat loss doesn't matter. So taking protein in this meal is very important for you. You can add egg whites, boiled eggs, omelet, or whey protein to protein in this meal.

In post-workout meal, you need to have protein because, during exercise, you used that muscle, your muscles broke, now you have to feed protein so that the recovery process of your body can begin. You need egg white, boiled eggs, or whey protein, isolate, good quality of blend for protein in this meal because you need quick recovery after a workout. If you are vegan, then you can also use plant protein.

Before Bed
The third best prime time is that before bed meal because your body grows while sleeping at night. You have to take this meal half an hour or 1 hour before bedtime. You need slow-digesting protein in this meal. You can add concentrate for cheese, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or casein protein if it is not protein for protein in this meal.

So these are the three prime times in which your body needs protein. If you miss protein at any time of the day, in a snack or lunch, then there is no need to worry if you are adding protein in prime time. Protein absorption of your body increases by about 25% in prime time. If you add protein to all meals, then it is perfect, but if you are missing protein due to any reason, then do not worry, do not miss prime time because your body needs protein at this time.

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