"Project cost control" is one of the central low volume injection molding tasks of business operation and management, which has a vital practical significance for business operation. In other words, under a certain total amount of work and market price standard, the level of cost will not only affect the survival of the company, but also continue to interfere with the expansion of the company and control the development trend of the company. The company's overall goal of profitability can be maintained by reducing costs while increasing overall revenue.

The "Project Cost Control System Software" job cost accounting software can calculate all the costs of a new project based on the information technology, such as labor costs and capital investment, various expenses and period costs, and can complete the process of cost analysis, planning, manipulation, adjustment, analysis, calculation, and evaluation. It facilitates the leadership to grasp the precise, immediate and detailed cost information content basically to make reasonable management decisions; it can also reduce the useless cost expenditure according to cost calculation and analysis, and then control the cost and improve the production efficiency.

The "Open Source System and Throttle noise cancelling earbuds Valve" are the two planning solutions for project cost control. According to the expansion of new project cash injection to complete the open source system, or limit the new project cash discharge to complete the throttling valve. However, in China, project cost control has been in the situation of "saying more and doing less", which leads to insufficient open source system in the early stage and excessive asset consumption in the middle and late stage, and finally leads to difficulties in cash flow and accounting implementation of new projects, jeopardizing the implementation of new projects later.

First of all, the cost, project investment estimates. There are generally three ways to estimate costs: comparative estimation, primary parameter estimation, and bottom-up estimation. Regardless of which method of cost estimation, the ultimate goal is to complete the overall planning of the project, technical, machinery and equipment, engineering projects, implementation progress and other scientific research, so as to estimate the total investment amount of all projects, in order to clarify the cost.

Secondly, the cash flow profiling management method. Cash flow is a data analysis of the liquidity and adoption status of assets throughout the new project. The key of financial accounting of assets is reflected in the cash flow statement, income statement, own funds and application statement, loan repayment schedule, etc. Subsequently, the capital profit, irr, ROI of the project is measured, and the inductive study of the project is carried out and reasonable management decision is given.

Again, new project uncertainty analysis. Variability means the many hazards that may arise during the whole process of project implementation that are not in the overall planning area. Project cost control also needs to follow the details of the project, generally alternative dissection of three kinds of data information: break-even analysis, uncertainty analysis, probability calculation.
Ultimately, the new project earned value index value management method. The new project earned value index value is a comprehensive asset utilization and profitability of the entire project, and is a reference for measuring and verifying whether the specific revenue and planned cost difference of the new project is in line with the original plan.

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