What is the value of Search Engine Optimization (what is value)

What is the value of Search Engine Optimization (what is value)

Hello, everyone, this article is mainly to let everyone know the value of SEO optimization and what it can bring us. You Find SingaporeIn fact, SEO, whether small and medium-sized enterprises, or major industries such as shopping malls, portals, communities, forums and so on. As long as Internet products are inseparable from the operation of SEO. SEO technology can bring us a lot of rankings, and can optimize the website and form a good conversion rate. And through the analysis of website data, enhance user needs and website experience, and form a well-known brand website on the Internet. Like e-commerce websites, we can borrow search engines to search and import a lot of traffic for our mall stores.

What is the value of online Search Engine Optimization?

Let me give you a simple example to let you understand SEO optimization. We open Baidu, search the word Chongqing wedding photography. The following results were obtained:

Our teacher can see the effect of the advertisement with red culture background in front. In other words, enterprises belong to the Baidu bidding, is to buy the money ranking, so if your bidding account does not have money, information site rankings will disappear completely, user managers can not find the site. If we want to develop and operate on the Internet for a long time, form such a national brand, want to get a lot of accurate customer analysis, rely on online advertising alone is not enough, we need to make full use of Search Engine Optimization design techniques to effectively implement multi-keywords on the Baidu homepage in the community. For example, we now search for“Chongqing wedding company” and get the following screenshot:

These sites are all on the home page, and it is estimated that they can reach 20 orders a month. Through SEO optimization technology, they can get keyword rankings and bring them to customers. Moreover, SEO optimization is not limited to one keyword. We can list many related keywords. For example, we searched Chongqing wedding planning company, and the results are as follows:

By Search Engine Optimization, you can basically rank on the home page. Our users are very accurate because the average Baidu user is looking for answers. We know that Baidu is designed to meet the Q & A needs of its users. We will use Taobao or jd.com to buy products to meet our shopping needs. So all Baidu searchers are looking for answers to their questions. Then, after we rank keywords by Search Engine Optimization technology, our customers can find us. After you find us, you can optimize your site's internal conversion rate to achieve good results. This is how Search Engine Optimization can bring economic value to our site and get the exact number of customers.

What are the benefits of website SEO optimization?

1, through the website keyword ranking to get accurate customers;

2. Then, through in-station optimization, a good conversion rate is formed;

3, the website data analysis, meets the user demand, enhances the user experience;

4. Internet brand effect, brand brings users;

Enter large amounts of free traffic for e-commerce users.

6. Let more users find what they are looking for faster.

Let people with different needs find the answer as soon as possible.

Provide a natural ranking of search results to increase credibility.

9, natural ranking, increase the number of website visits, promote the website and business development.

For those who don't know much about the Internet, it is easier to find the knowledge they need.

11. Raise the company's image and awareness.

12. The enterprise develops the main window of external publicity to realize students' personalized search.

So the operation of the site is the strength of SEO, whether it is 58 cities, markets, or safe house guests, these sites will be SEO optimization operations, the main site is to do Seo. We can see brand reputation building on the Internet and Search Engine Optimization is one of the key words on our website. Especially in the zero-cost smes, the Search Engine Optimization channel can achieve a large number of keyword rankings. After the ranking, you do not have to worry about users can not find the company, can not find the product. As long as the user searches, they are likely to come to our site, contact us, and eventually reach an agreement.

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