What makes your resume strong and effective?

Resume Builder The first step to relocating or changing jobs is to structure the curriculum assertively and strategically so that this document has a competitive capacity and is selected by recruiters. But, after all, how to improve the curriculum?
Currently, many organizations use Artificial Intelligence software to do curriculum screening, and these tools capture keywords of qualifications entered in the resume. This is an important point that we will explain further in the text. Let's go.
So, follow seven tips on how to improve your resume to "dribble" the selection robots:
Put all the necessary information: First of all, if you are in doubt about how to improve your resume, make a checklist of everything it should contain:
• Personal data: Name, city/state, email, telephone, portfolio link (if any), and Linkedin profile link (if updated).
• Professional objective: Name of the vacancy or area claimed.
• Professional Summary: Overview of your qualifications.
• Academic training: Insert the level of education. If higher education, including degree, course name, institution name, and year of completion.
• Languages: Language and proficiency level.
• Professional experience: Company name, month/year of entry, month/year of exit, position/career progression (if any), activities performed, and results.
• Courses and certifications: Course name, institution, and year of completion
• Volunteering: If relevant.
• Other information: If necessary, include data such as driver's license B, own car, availability for travel, etc.

1. Pay attention to the job description:
The resume must be directed to what the vacancy asks for.
Therefore, carefully observe the requirements requested so you can prepare your document in the most powerful way possible. If you are looking for ways to improve your resume, be mindful of your word choices.
After all, the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which is software that stores, reads, classifies CVs, and also manages the stages of the selection process, will select the CVS that must adhere to the opportunity according to the job description.
1. Check the spelling in your document:
It's not nice to send a document full of spelling errors, right? Whether due to an oversight when typing or the computer that completed erroneously, among other reasons.
In the sorting done by robots, they extract the keywords from your document. So, if these words aren't spelled correctly, your resume won't move on to the next step.
1. Be careful with the layout:
Have you ever thought about how to improve your resume visually? Many people make their resumes in more modern templates with lots of infographics, colors, etc.
However, these "creative resume" applications often use text boxes for inputting the data, and ATS does not read the text box. So, you may have adapted your entire document, but don't pass the screening for this reason.
However, if you send your CV by email, for example, it's okay to use this type of layout as long as it's not too flashy and gets in the way of reading.
Therefore, when uploading your resume on websites or platforms, always prefer to do it in good old Word or PDF.
1. Locate the keywords:
"How am I supposed to know what those damn keywords are?" This is a very common question.
Do you know when you're reading a text and underlining those most important words that will remind you of what you've read? So it is. The same thing happens in curriculum design.
Highlight the most important words in the opportunity description. That way, you can better organize your text.
Why should I know how to improve my resume?
A strong and effective resume is your gateway to potential opportunities. The way you organize that document can open or close that door.
For this reason, before applying the same resume to all the positions you apply for, remember how much this customization can help you at the time of screening and make your document attractive.
And, of course, in addition to a well-prepared document, it is necessary to expand networking, keep applying, and keep up to date. In this way, your "yes" will arrive soon. Persist and trust! Resume Builder Los Angeles CA

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