What Precautions Should One Take for Better Acne Skin Care?

Acne is the most common skin condition, affecting nearly 85% of adolescents. It is a disorder that often causes people to feel anxious and ashamed, but it doesn't have to be a difficult problem. Acne can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. Knowing what precautions, you can take will help you feel more in control of your acne and get the best acne skin care.

Keep Your Skin Clean

If you are having a breakout, use acne scrubs or non-soap cleansers to remove excess oil and dirt. It will also help to kill the bacteria that are causing your breakouts. Avoid harsh soaps and in most cases, it is best if you use only water to cleanse your face. You should not scratch, pick or squeeze blemishes because this could make them worse or cause scars. Keep in mind that you can get acne anywhere on your body, not just on your face, so keep all areas clean and dry.

Take A Hot Shower

A good way to relax after a long day at school or work is taking a hot shower.You can do this twice a day and it will cleanse your pores and help to prevent blackheads. This is because hot water opens your skin's pores, allowing the blackhead to release trapped dirt and oil so you can remove them before they become infected.

Tighten Up Your Diet

Make sure what you eat is healthy and balanced, if you want to make a difference in how your skin looks. This goes for everything we put into our mouth: nuts, grains, vegetables, meat, fish as well as fruits and dairy products. A diet rich in beta-carotene and anti-oxidants can help protect your skin cells from free radicals that attack healthy cells causing acne breakouts.

Bath Or Shower Once a Day

Too much time in the tub or shower can hurt your skin. You should use lukewarm water and take a bath or shower once a day, never more than twice. Avoid using hot water because it will dry out your skin and may cause irritation. Your skin should not be wet for more than 20 minutes.

In addition, avoid using greasy soaps and hair products as they can clog your pores and make acne worse. To prevent dirt build-up on your skin, wash pillowcases every week, towels at least once a week, and sheets 2-3 times per month.

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