What to do when your PC is still loading but not starting?

You push the power button just like other days, but your PC doesn’t start, or it’s still loading, or maybe it turned on but shut down again. There can be multiple causes like faulty hardware, Software glitches, removable media, or any other.
Windows has some interesting in-built tools to resolve startup issues like loading or not starting. One of the in-built tools is Windows Startup Repair Function. Its recovery tool is to fix certain windows issues to start it correctly.

When your computer couldn’t start –
Pushing the system power button makes no activity on your PC, not even fans, no light; this case may occur due to the power issue or loose connections. Hence, try two fixes –
If your device is blank, this could be because of now power. Unplug your PC power cable and plug it into the wall outlet. Any battery backup or power strip may fail sometimes.
If your computer still doesn’t turn on, you have to check all connections. Remove the power cable and connect each connection again.
Sometimes, windows load on your screen, but the monitor doesn’t display anything. Check the connection monitor cable and fix or tight to the right port.

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When your PC is still loading –
In the case of PC Still Loading But Not Opening from more than one minute, you should try the below fixe using Startup Repair tool;

Windows Startup Repair tool
Here’s how to use this fixer to resolve the “PC is still loading” issue.

First of all, turn off the computer repeatedly. Follow from step 2.
Take 10 sec to hold down the button. It’ll turn off the PC.
Now, turn on the computer by pushing the power button.
The first sign, like the logo or anything else, displays on the starting of the Windows
. Now again, take 10 sec to hold down your device. Again, the device turns off.
Turn on the Windows computer again.
Repeat the 10 seconds turn-off process and turn it on.
Grant your computer to start up fully.
Click on the “Advanced options” tab.
winRE displays four options. Select Troubleshoot.
Click on “Advanced options” and choose Startup Repair.
Now, restart the computer. It won’t show the still loading issue next time.

This solution works on Windows 10 and Windows 11, both operating systems.

When you see POST screen in startup screen –
Sometimes turning on your PC displays a POST screen, but it doesn’t turn into the Windows home. In case the computer can’t get a bootable OS, then you’ve to check BIOS whether it’s set to boot through the right drive or not. Overclocking settings may also fix the blue screen.
Try turning off the Fast Boot feature if you see a Windows Update conflict. Otherwise, reset the BIOS settings through the Load Optimized Defaults option.

Press Delete, F2, Enter, or any other key to enter the correct BIOS. You also have to keep in mind that –
The drive is set correctly for Boost Order.
CPU is cool down, no overheating.
RAM is recognized.

When coded blue screen appears –
If Starting up, the Windows device displays Blue Screen of Death and isn’t opening OS, then boot the PC into Safe Mode. This screen appears due to driver problems, bad application, or unexpected hardware traits.

Windows 10 start up in Safe Mode;
Enter msconfig in the search field and choose System Configuration
Choose Diagnostic startup. Thereafter, restart your PC after a System Configuration notification.
For Safe Boot, again open the System Configuration tool, hit on BOOT, and select Safe boot.

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