What To Eat In Winter,let's Buy Shrooms Online Discover The Cream Of Mushrooms

Today the study of human nutrition Bionutrimed offers you that with mushrooms , a tasty food that nature offers us in abundance and spontaneously.

Finally, the dish, flavored Buy shrooms online and spiced with toasted hazelnuts , black pepper and parsley , represents sublime pleasure for sight and palate.

Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and the only plant source of vitamin D. In particular, the one present in mushrooms is D2 (products of animal origin contain D3).

As a vegetable they also have a fair amount of protein which becomes important in dry ones. Rich in water (90%) and low- calorie with high satiating power .

There are individuals who have little tolerance for mushrooms, in fact the sensitivity to mushrooms varies from person to person and, as in all things, everyone must observe their alarm bells.

The boom in sales of plant-based products shows no sign of retrenching, quite the opposite.

With all due respect for carnivores, the vegan choice is the only one that can safeguard an ecosystem that is dramatically no longer sustainable.

Therefore, the search for vegetable, good and protein ingredients is constantly growing and brings high quality foods

To kitchens all over the world, which are making inroads even among those who would never have thought of giving up bloody and related steaks.

It all started with the Quorn

If today foods with pea and soy-based vegetable proteins, on which investors and shareholders have thrown themselves.

headlong, are the most popular, the recent past has seen as protagonist a millennial gift of Nature: the mushroom.

In fact, the first research in the mycoprotein field dates back to the end of the sixties of the last century, which led to the

launch, in 1988, of the first registered mushroom-based food: Quorn from the Marlow Foods company.

But leading the way inevitably Buy shrooms online means tracing a path, destined to enrich itself with new protagonists.

And therefore the monopoly of Marlow Foods was destined to shake: after twenty years of absolute domination, the English company was joined by fierce competitors.

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