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July 16 - personality and character

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They don't quickly acknowledge novel insights, however consider them cautiously prior to attempting to apply them. Despite the fact that they are very powerful, their perspectives will generally be variable. They might discuss similar issue to different individuals in various ways, contingent upon their impact or their capacity to persuade others. They are very unsteady of character, tortured by an inside disquietude. They like to go for long strolls and outings, and appreciate mountain… Continue

What types of advertising exist and what are they used for

What types of advertising exist and what are they used for
There are different types of advertising and you can use them in multiple ways.
Many advertisers use media in two parts: online (digital) and offline (traditional). This is because consumers are constantly moving between the two and mutually reinforcing each other.
Clearly, advertising is broad and multi-faceted. However, an advertiser uses different techniques to raise awareness and increase the attention of its brand.
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However, there are 3 types of advertising:
• ATL: Above the line
• BTL: Below the line
• TTL: Through the line
Let's start with ATL:
“Above the line”, in Spanish, refers to promotional activities carried out at the macro level.
It is done at the national, regional or larger territory level and the mass audience is covered in this type of promotion.
A brand image is created about the company and its product. Media such as television, film, radio, newspapers, and magazines are used to create an impact on the company and your product. It is the most conventional type of advertising in nature.
BTL (“Below the line”, in Spanish)
This is unconventional in nature, takes place at the micro level and is part of non-media communication. Measures include direct mail, distribution of flyers, brochures, and the use of sponsorships, public relations, telemarketing, and point of sale.
It is interesting that the terms ATL and BTL come from Procter & Gamble in 1954 where the administrative area differentiated the payments of advertising agencies with respect to those that carried out different promotional activities.
Currently ATL is used for branding, thus adapting to a mass audience. While BTL is used to build loyalty and is targeted on an individual level based on your needs and preferences.
The ATL advertising type is difficult to measure while the BTL is measurable in terms of sales and feedback and gives the marketers data on ROI.
Finally there is the TTL
"Across the line" in Spanish, refers to a strategic approach that allows brands to engage with a customer at multiple points. For example: the customer will see your ad on television, hear it on the radio, and receive a flyer on a street corner. This allows an integrated communication approach, with coherent messages, in multiple media thus creating a perception of the customer.
Today, companies use this integrated approach that includes both ATL and BTL, getting brands to engage with their customers at multiple points and thus generate a strong perception of the company and the product.
Each type of advertising must go with its respective strategy
An outreach strategy is a plan to reach and persuade a customer to buy a product or service.
After knowing the different types of advertising that exist, let's learn what strategies can be useful to increase branding, based on the 2 business categories:
1) B2C - Business to Consumer
Cause Marketing
It consists of a cooperative effort between a for-profit company and a non-profit organization, in order to promote and mutually benefit from social causes.
Direct sale
This is intended to market and sell products directly to consumers. For example, products by catalogs, markets, etc.
Affinity Marketing
Methodology where at least two brands come together to promote and sell a single product or service.
Earned media
Earned media is advertising that is created through efforts other than paid and can be made known in various ways: a testimonial for social media, word of mouth, PPC (Pay-per-click), a mention on television or radio, a newspaper article, etc. These are unsolicited and can only be earned organically.
Known as point of sale marketing, it is responsible for selling to those buyers who are already in a store and ready to buy.
Product displays, coupons on packaging, and other attention-grabbing creative endeavors are examples that often influence grocery shopping decisions.
Internet Marketing
Online marketing, sending via email to announce and boost sales of a specific product or publication on social networks, are examples that serve to take advantage of the presence of the brand and promote.
2) B2B- Business to business
Growth hacking
It is responsible for attributing 10% more leads to the generation than traditional marketing techniques.
Referral programs
It is used to describe a systematic approach that companies take to incentivize their customers to tell others about your products or services.
Inbound Marketing
Unlike traditional marketing methods, this is responsible for gaining the attention of customers and attracting them to the company website by producing meaningful content.
Because messages are relevant and appear in the right place and time, inbound invites visitors to purchase a product much faster.
Each type of advertising you apply, do it hand in hand with your CRM
One of the advantages of CRM software is the aggregation of data that reflects the interest of customers / potential customers. Thus we can analyze the open rate, the click-through rate, the bounce rate, the conversion rate of an email or SMS campaign.
That's why thanks to Efficy's marketing software solutions, there are no longer any boundaries between sales and marketing teams. They all share the same information and can really take advantage of it.
So your database of existing / potential customers is thoroughly segmented. You can choose them alternately to carry out personalized marketing campaigns, and your lead generation actions are more effective.

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