When buying chopsticks, which one is better to use bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, stainless steel and chopsticks?

Of these three common chopsticks, which chopsticks we use in our lives will be slightly better? Especially when we don’t know how bamboo fork to choose these three kinds of chopsticks, most people may be hesitating which of these three kinds of chopsticks is the best. So today, let me share with you what we are choosing chopsticks. How to choose the right time.

Generally speaking, in fact, everyone's chopsticks are not clean, because most people's chopsticks are wooden chopsticks. After each wash, you can wash it directly, and then put it in the chopstick basket to drain. In fact, this method is wrong. In this case, I don’t know if you have found it. Over time, fresh chopsticks will mold and turn black. This shows that there are already a lot of bacteria on the chopsticks, and we need a new pair of chopsticks. very good.

However, many people may think that it is normal for chopsticks to turn black because of dampness, mold and mildew. They will directly clean up the black spots or moldy areas. In fact, this method and cognition are wrong. The correct way is to throw away the chopsticks that have turned black and mould, because the bacteria are too deep-rooted, and we cannot completely remove them by washing.

Therefore, in life, you should not choose wooden chopsticks as much as possible for your chopsticks. If you have very good conditions in your home, you must remember to use a dryer to sterilize the chopsticks directly after the high-temperature sterilization drying time before continuing to learn to use it. In this way, for students, the company can completely eliminate the bacteria. If our teachers are required to just clean them normally, there is no way to directly remove the chopsticks, but to discard them first.

Of course, there may also be a large number of people who directly choose a stainless steel chopsticks, because Chinese stainless steel chopsticks, it is true that they will not mold, but because it is not resistant to high temperature, heat conduction is very fast, after we use it for a while, maybe Existence means that it can be hot directly, and it will become hot. In addition, the stainless steel chopsticks are very slippery, and some students are not suitable for holding things.

Therefore, true smart people can directly choose bamboo chopsticks. Why do they choose bamboo chopsticks? Because bamboo chopsticks are natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and healthy, and they need to be specially designed to be suitable for students to learn at home through our own children. Bamboo chopsticks generally undergo different carbonization, and their stability will be very high, and The company is very usable and will not easily become moldy and hairy. The use and management efficiency will be very high. Therefore, everyone thinks that if you do not choose a chopstick, it will be better to avoid choosing this kind of bamboo chopsticks. Never choose wooden chopsticks or stainless steel chopsticks.

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