When Choosing A Neck Pain Treatment Doctor

When you are suffering from neck pain in your everyday life, it's time to get treatment. Though some treatments may relieve your pain for a short time, your pain may continue and worsen. In this case, you may need surgery to get rid of your neck pain for good.


For neck pain treatment Specialist West Orange, the doctor's team helps you get to the bottom of your neck pain so you can finally get the treatment you need. Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo is an expert neurosurgeon specializing in many therapies, including neck surgery.

When choosing a neck pain specialist

If symptoms persist for over a week, consult a neck pain treatment doctor. If you have:


     Stiff neck: People with neck pain often feel as though their neck is "stiff" or "stuck." Neck pain can sometimes cause a decreased range of motion. 

     Sharp discomfort: One-sided neck discomfort may have a sharp or "stabbing" sensation. 

     Pain when moving: Moving, twisting, or extending your cervical spine up and down or side to side might aggravate neck pain. 

     Headache: Pain that starts in your neck may also produce a cervicogenic headache. Neck pain coupled with a headache could be another sign of a migraine headache. 

     Physical pain: Physical examination of your cervical spine may cause more neck pain. 

     Radiating numbness or numbness: Your head, trunk, shoulders, and arms may all feel the effects of your neck ache. You can have tingling, numbness, or weakness in one or both of your hands or arms if your neck pain is caused by a compressed nerve.

What Are The Symptoms Of Neck Pain?

Symptoms of neck pain may include:

     Muscle ache.

     Limited range of motion.

     Pain radiating to shoulders and upper chest.


Visit neck pain treatment doctor Clifton to learn how to relieve neck pain. You'll learn about substitutes for physical therapy, heat, and ice. If your discomfort results from a pulled muscle, these techniques may help. But you'll need something stronger if your discomfort is caused by a medical issue.


     Physical therapy: A physical therapist or fitness trainer can help you learn exercises and motions that strengthen the muscles and tendons in your neck and increase flexibility. 

     Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit: A TENS unit applies a low-level electrical current to the skin near the nerves to disrupt the pain signal, causing discomfort. A healthcare professional should always be consulted before utilizing a TENS unit. 

     Steroid injections: An injection close to the nerve roots can ease pain and minimize inflammation. 

     Alternative therapies: Your provider may recommend acupuncture to relieve pain or massage to help loosen tightened muscles that contribute to discomfort. You can also visit a chiropractor or osteopathic physician to align your spine. 

     Surgery: Most neck pain causes don't need to be surgically treated. However, if one or more of your spine's vertebrae have moved or are pressing on your nerves, you might require surgery.


Take preventive steps to avoid neck pain, such as maintaining proper posture and taking frequent breaks to move and stretch.

If you're experiencing neck pain, trust your neck pain treatment doctor Paramus, to learn how to get rid of it. Make an appointment at the management center today and feel better tomorrow.

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