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일본경마 분야에서 사람들이 버려야 할 5가지 나쁜 습관

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얼마 전 방송 스포츠뉴스에서 기상천외한 국내토픽이 방영됐다. 인공지능(AI) 기능을 장착한 카메라가 스코틀랜드 아마추어축구 스포츠경기를 찍던 중 부심의 대머리를 공으로 오인했다. 카메라는 오랜시간 터치라인을 따라 왔다갔다 하는 그 부심의 움직임만 주력적으로 비춰줬다.

이 장면을 본 사람들의 현상은 “저런 엉터리가 있나. 인공지능(AI)은 아직 믿을 게 못 돼”가 아니었다. “인공지능이 프로축구까지 중계하네”라며 인공지능(Ai)이 바꾸고 있는 스포츠 세상을 실감하는 분위기였다.

이 카메라는 세계적인 최상의 영상 분석 테크닉을 자랑하는 이스라엘에서 개발한 ‘픽셀롯(Pixellot)’이라는 상품이다. 8000대 이상의 픽셀롯 카메라와 중계 시스템이 전 세계적인 경기장에 설치돼 있다. 픽셀롯의 인공지능(AI) 스포츠 중계 카메라 시스템은 렌즈 8개가 달려 있는 카메라와 촬영 영상을 처리하는 VPU(Video Processing Unit)로 구성된다. 촬영한…


The ABCs of Government Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) for Physicians

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Where Can You Find Shabby Chic Antique Nightstands?

Arranging a charming shabby chic bedroom full of beautiful antique furniture and whimsical decor can be an exciting endeavor, but a challenging one as well. As you may already know, it can be somewhat of a chore to find certain pieces of furniture that is of the style and degree of quality you want.

Matching antique nightstands that complement your vintage-style bed and the rest of your bedroom furniture are one of the key elements to a complete shabby chic bedroom. Finding a pair of high-quality bedside tables that fit the style you are going for, and that are designed well, can be a long process if you don’t know where to look, however.

This quick resource will assist you in finding the ideal matching nightstands for your bedroom arrangement that are sure to enhance the unique vintage atmosphere you are cultivating.

How Nightstands Are an Essential Part of a Functional Bedroom
The right nightstand can greatly improve the overall look of your bedroom, but not just because of its aesthetic qualities. Part of what makes for an attractive and harmonious bedroom is in how functional it is, and high-quality antique nightstands can certainly contribute to this.

You want your bedroom to look stylish and possess your unique style, but you also want it to feel inviting and lived in. Part of what makes the shabby chic style so desirable is in how it allows for spaces that are creative and cozy at the same time. Your bedroom should feel like a haven, that not only looks pretty but that also meets all of your needs as well.

A bedroom without nightstands is not exactly fully functional. Bedside tables are an important part of what makes a bedroom comfortable, offering not only an important storage element, but valuable table-top space as well. This space is typically reserved for personal items, important decor, lamps or lighting elements, and simply as a convenient place for anything you want within arms reach at night.

Nightstands also serve as an architectural element that help to frame the bed and bolster its qualities. While a stylish bed can certainly stand on its own, nightstands are usually necessary and in many cases are expected in order to complete the look and create a functional bedroom space.

Exquisite Antique Nightstands That Will Match Your Style
If you are in the process of putting together a beautiful shabby chic bedroom, you’re going to need stylish matching nightstands that have the vintage qualities you are looking for.

Rather than search endlessly for a pair of bedside tables that not only match one another but that also complement your unique bedroom design, you are likely to have more success finding what you need at EloquenceⓇ. They specialize in offering beautifully crafted reimagined antique pieces that shine with the element of luxury you are looking for. From lovely Provincial-style beds to an array of antique nightstands and other fine bedroom furniture essentials, they make it easy to put together a stunning shabby chic arrangement in no time.

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