Which is better for flooring Marble or Granite?

There are many options available in the market for flooring. However, one of the most beloved categories that is securing for its natural beauty and durability is natural stone flooring. Natural stones are the best and luxurious choice in terms of your flooring. Two of the most favoured natural stone available in the market today is Marble and Granite.
Here are few points that will help you to choose between Marble and Granite for flooring"

1. Durability- we think that marble is a superior material for flooring but in terms in durability, Granite would be the best option for you as it is more resistant to acid in foods. In addition, it require be sealing and managing less frequently than marble.

2. Beauty- In terms of beauty, granite is available in different colours but gravitate to be mottled in appearance, granite is slightly different from marble. On the other hand, marble is characterized more by swirls of different colours. When polished granite look more glossy and shiny, while marble look more smooth and bright finish.

3. Cost- Both marble and granite cost is high, it all depends upon us, which size, colour, pattern, we are going to buy.

If you really very think that natural rmm stone, Granite marble is good flooring, give us a call today.

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