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Which is stronger 316 or 316L?

The price for the two types is usually comparable, but 316 usually has better mechanic properties. This means it has higher tensile strength, is harder, and is more ductile than 316L. When choosing between these steels, you need to keep in mind what the purpose of the steel will be.

What is the easiest steel to machine?

Type 303 stainless steel is probably the easiest 300 series to machine. It is much easier to machine than 304. That makes grade 303 steel the first choice for fittings, gears, and fasteners where tight tolerances are a must. However, its relative weakness means it isn't used as often as grade 304 stainless steel.

What rpm is best for milling aluminum?

The basic calculation to find a starting point for RPMs would be (3.82 x SFM) / Diameter. In wrought aluminum alloys (i.e. 2024, 6061, 7075), a surface footage of 800-1500 SFM is recommended, with the same calculation being used to find a starting point for RPMs.

Is HSS good for aluminum?


The best drill bits for aluminum are solid carbide because solid carbide is very hard and stays sharp much longer than other materials, providing extended tool life. If you're only poking a few holes, high speed steel (HSS) is fine.

Can you cut aluminum with a 4 flute end mill?

Material Considerations

Traditionally, end mills came in either a 2 flute or 4 flute option. The widely accepted rule of thumb was to use 2 flutes for machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials, and 4 flutes for machining steel and harder alloys.

How long does it take to learn SFM?

Some people learn faster or slower. I took about 3 weeks to learn the basic and about 3 months for advance. Frosty Dr. Well, if SFM is even remotely similar to Vegas Pro, in regurds of video editing, etc etc.

What is similar to SFM?

SFM installer for Mac OS X. Free Personal • Proprietary. Mac. 1 alternatives to SFM installer for Mac OS X. ...
Storyboarder. Free • Open Source. Mac. Windows. ...
Muvizu Play. Paid • Proprietary. Windows. 3D Modeler. ...
FrameForge. Paid • Proprietary. Windows. Storyboard. ...
Moviestorm. Paid • Proprietary. Mac. Windows.

What kind of models does SFM use?

What character model formats does SFM support? SFM only supports the proprietory Valve Model Format If you look in your steamsteamappscommonsourcefilmmakergametfmodels folder you'll find that there are 3 files that make a model set... the . mdl, . dx90.

Is SFM completely free?

Valve's Source Filmmaker is completely free! As long as you have a stable internet connection and a good enough computer, you're all set. Keep in mind your computer will need to have the necessary specifications to run the software.

Is SFM easy to use?

If you've never used design or animation software before it's gonna be a bit tough going at first, but that being said, SFM is generally a pretty simple program for the most part and once you wrap your head around it, very intuitive and fast to use.

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