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When it comes to effective exercises, swimming can be one of the best ways to move your body, get your heart pumping, and help ensure you look and feel your very best.
Having your very own pool, in the comfort of your garden or similar outdoor space, can assist you in staying active. But are there any specific muscles that swimming can particularly help? The short answer to that question is “yes”, and below, we’ve taken a closer look at them.
One of the muscles that can be improved by regular swimming is the tricep, which is found at the top of the arm. Using a wide range of movements and strokes can really help you build up the muscles of the triceps, and this is essential to help you swim quickly and with strong, even strokes.
The muscles of the back are all too often overlooked by those working out. However, a good swimming session helps target these muscles, and this is important for building overall strength and stamina.
Focus on strokes such as the butterfly and overhead crawl to really target this area, and you can expect to see meaningful results and strength building very quickly. This will also have the benefit of helping to improve your posture.
If you are looking to build strength and stability in your core, swimming can be the perfect physical activity to take up. When moving your body through the water, you will be required to use your core muscles to give your body the strength it needs, and this creates an awesome workout. So, you might be seeing prominent abs sooner than you think!
It seems obvious, but regular swimming will help build the muscles in your legs, and in particular, your hamstrings. This, in turn, will give you a powerful base from which to spring into the water and power through the waves.
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